What they’re saying about our organizing workshops

The Secrets of Staying Organized

I have been so overwhelmed with my projects and housekeeping that I was unable to focus and finish them and have some peace to my life. I feel I have the tools to create the peace in my home I wish and that is so much more powerful than choosing the right product at the container store.
~Cathryn from CA, USA

The Secrets of Staying Organized gave me great insights how to develop routines to keep clutter at bay. I always imagined staying organized all the time would take hours and feel cumbersome, not at all! I now know that all the things I dreaded to do don’t take that long and that my organizational comfort zone isn’t as high maintenance as I thought.
~Nolwenn from Germany

This workshop has given me the tools to stay organized so I don’t have to continually re-organize areas that have already been done. My home already reflects my change of thinking and the new habits I’ve put in place as a result of this workshop!
~Adrienne from OR, USA

Organize Your Paper Clutter

This course has been the answer and end of years of stress, wasted time, and continuous frustration associated with paper clutter in my life. I finally have clear counters, empty boxes and easy ways to remember my daily tasks. Also, I now possess the tools and skills I need to understand the what, how and where of paper management. Thank you Aby!
~ Breian from FL, USA

This is brilliant! The workshop breaks down paper organizing concepts and steps into manageable tasks that are actually doable. The class community is priceless and worth the cost of the workshop alone. I am so excited to have reclaimed my surface area and wrapped my head around the necessary paper in life now happily residing in reference or archive systems.
~ Rachel S. from Spokane, WA

This workshop taught me things I didn’t know I needed to know, like how to keep up with today’s paper instead of letting it become new backlog. I also learned that I didn’t have any systems set up for taking action on paper that needed action, and I learned how to decide what to do with a piece of paper instead of setting aside to work on later.
~ Ryann P. from CA

How to Achieve Your Goals + Create a Life You Love

This workshop has helped my reshape my focus in life. It’s helped me take passing thoughts of “I should do this” and turn them into concrete goals. It’s helped me realize what’s really important to me and how to make that happen. The overwhelmingness of needing change but not knowing where or how to start has been replaced with actionable steps and a sense of accomplishment for taking the first steps.
~ Steph from MN, USA

I felt that my dream life wasn’t as far away up on that hill with the castle as I imagined. I really have a very wonderful life already, what a beautiful gift to learn! The hardest step I need to take in achieving my dreams is to simply take action. That has been very powerful for me.
~ Peggy Alt from Phoenix, AZ

This workshop helped me create a plan and take action on my dreams. But most of all the forum created accountability and a place to celebrate victories and get help.
~ Alissa from IL, USA

This is just the workshop I needed to get moving on things. And when I say ‘things’, I mean ‘life’. Before this workshop, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve ‘set’ goals for myself, only to not see them all the way through (for one reason or another). But when you set goals in an organized fashion, the way Aby teaches, it just all makes sense, and you can see it happening before your very eyes! I’ve been much more motivated and inspired by taking action on the goals I’ve set during this workshop, than any other time in my life, and I feel really good about that! THANKS Aby & Simplify101!
~ Robin from Asheville, NC USA

Quick + Simple Clutter Control

Thanks Aby for the workshop, it has made a difference in my life in the last month. When I look around the house I now have the ahhh factor of calm rather than the ugh factor of clutter and chaos.”
~ Janine from NZ

The genious for me about this workshop is the was Aby broke it down to where it is doable, plus it breaks decluttering projects down to where the aare no longer intimidating, just managable Aby has always commented on our comments and offers advice on a situation that had me stuck. The next best thing would be to have had her here helself. I wish we could have part 2!!!!!
~ Beverly H.

This workshop made me take a very close look at the different areas in my home that collect ‘stuff’. I learned how to keep the areas tidy, organized and to keep things ‘flowing’ and not piled up. I especially loved the daily decluttering task. I would recommend this class to anyone!
~ Shari R. from Denver, CO

Organize Your Creative Space

I have never been organized and no one has ever shown me how and at the age of 63, it was definitely a revelation to learn some of the tips and tricks to it. I honestly never thought about how you could put some of this together. I’ve been a teacher for 19.5 years and it never occurred to me! This was very helpful!

Sue P. from IN

Another winner! This workshop has helped me organise and make sense of my creative materials, so I’m now free to get one and do the thing I love the most… have fun, play and create!

~ Hannah from UK

This workshop really made me think about my craft projects and goals, and what I want to focus on going further. Learning that it is OK not to finish things that are no longer of interest was a real revelation. I loved the “questions to ask when editing your supplies” – these really helped me to be honest with myself about what supplies I want to retain going forward.

~ Shari from Wellington, NZ

It gave me the incentive to complete organziing my craft room, clarifying what my goal was, as well as in making decisions to best support my goal. Active participant by all the classmates and friendly/outgoing. All were willing to share their experiences, thoughts, processes, suggestions as well as successes/challenges.

~ Giuli from OR

It’s About Time

This workshop helped me in so many ways, it’s hard to list them all. It gave me a completely different perspective on time. It led me gently but firmly to analyze how I was spending my time. It showed me in what ways “the way you spend your time is the way you spend your life.” It helped me to see where my problems lay, and then to figure out how to fix those problems. It gave me endless encouragement, not only in the lessons themselves, but in Aby’s incisive and eye-opening answers in the forum. The forum itself helped me see that I’m not alone, and to realize just how good I have it. My life is a relatively easy one. My systems of time management just need tweaking. Most of all, it gives me hope for the future, in addition to making my present life “more fun. more done.”
~ louisemarie from USA

This workshop helped me work through time management issues and all the things that try to rob me of being in charge of my time.
~ Adrienne from OR

I found all the material to be both quantitative AND qualitative. The lessons were so beneficial and practical! Through questionaires, worksheets, and other activities, Aby took me through the process of evaluating how I currently spend my time and then gave the tools to make sense of it all and move forward. I love the ideas she gives for developing plans, schedules, and routines! She is a wonderful instructor who is insightful, patient, and encouraging. This class was definitely worth my time! I’m excited to continue applying the concepts and learn how to get more done and also have more fun!
~ Amy F. from MN

Organize Your Closet

My bedroom closet has always been a nightmare of too many things jumping out at me. This workshop allowed me to purge, and create a closet I can be proud of.
~ Judy from Ottawa, Ontario

I have started the cleaning and organizing of my closet many times but never seemed to be able to finish it. Aby’s approach not only motivated me to finish the task this time but make it a more usable and productive space. My husband is thrilled!!
~ Sue B. from IL

The workshop was very motivating and gave me all of the information I needed from both the broader perspective to the tiny details. I loved putting together outfits to save time in the morning. The process also helped me understand why I had some clothing that I was not wearing and what to do about it.
~ Lorese H. from IN

Organizing with Your Kids

I feel that we not only got my child’s room in order, but also have a better idea of why it gets out of control & how to develop the habits to maintain the order.
~ Kathryn Q. from TX

This workshop helped me take my son’s room from a state of neglected chaos and disorder to one that he can now relax and play in and have confidence knowing that he actively participated in making it a room he loves. Thanks Aby & Jay for another outstanding workshop!
~ Kelly P. from Fredericksburg, VA

Organize Your Kitchen 

Simplifys 101 kitchen class has taken my outdate ready to demolish kitchen and has help me take it to a clean well organized revived space of which I feel I could live with for years. Remodel can now wait a few.
~ Debbie from Rochester, NY

I think I said it in the forum but for me this workshop really has been life changing. I went from totally disliking my kitchen to loving my kitchen. After following Aby’s steps I was able to create a space that I now love and I really thought I would never say that about my kitchen until it was completely remodeled or we bought a new house!
~ Kelly from Fredericksburg, VA

The accomplishment that I felt by completing the project of organizing my kitchen was worth double the price of this class. I feel like my kitchen functions better than it ever has. With the questionnaire, I was able to evaluate what worked and what didn’t – and not much worked. Ha. Through the process of asking those questions, I found myself later asking my own questions – “why does this counter get clutter so easily? What can I do to tweak this area to work better instead of ditching the whole idea?” I felt like I had a personal organizer walking me through the process the whole entire time. Because Aby was so thorough in her materials and forum posts, I never felt stranded. Hiring a personal organizer has never been in my budget, but for the first time, I feel like I have hope of an organized life – in my price range!
~ Christine from Northeast(ish), TX

Simplify Your Life with Habits + Routines

It gave me the tools and the incentive to take charge and greatly improve upon my existing habits and conscientiously form new, productive and pleasant habits!
~ Mary H. from Bakersfield, CA

It has helped me to realize that there are more people like me with no time and feeling guilty for not being able to cope with many things related to order and so on. It is not just “my problem” it is something general and you can learn from others and feel “normal”.
~ Ainize from Bilbao, Spain

Since retiring, I have been floundering in my day to day functioning in large part because my former job/home routines just didn’t work for me anymore. Janine has really opened my eyes to new and more beneficial ways of living the next half of my life.
~ Kathy D. from MO

Get Organized for the Holidays

Christmas for my family is always nice because I work hard to make it that way, but this year- although I ended up doing everything on my list- even the tasks I had delegated to someone else- I never felt rushed, out of time, hassled & I didn’t forget anything because I knew it was all in the plan & accounted for. My Christmas wasn’t just good for my family but this year it was enjoyable for me. I even had time to do nothing on Christmas Eve all day & just relax before the big event. Thank you for putting the Joy back into MY Christmas!
~ Jay F. from Western Australia

I was able to create a holiday statement that I believed in with Aby’s help and by viewing what classmates said/did. I was able to determine what I wanted to indulge in (table decoration) and what i wanted to simplify or delete. Those were great, great lessons. I loved the forms. I felt so under control through my whole holiday (which was Thanksgiving). My notebook makes me feel calm, cool, and collected!
~ Gigi W. from USA

This workshop helped me to stay focused on my priorities for the holidays and not stress over all the other stuff. I also signed up for this workshop because I find that taking an Organized 101 workshop helps me to stay focused on my goals towards decluttering and organizing my home.
~ Dee F. from NY

Organizing 101

I’ve read LOTS of organizing materials but Organizing 101 is the best I’ve found. Aby’s approach made me aware of what’s kept me from getting organized and she taught me how to look at the details not just the overwhelming big picture. I finally feel I have the materials and information that will help me get completely organized and be able stay organized. Thanks Aby!!

~ Amy P. from Braham, MN

When I started this workshop, I was stuck, overwhelmed and couldn’t get myself motivated to organize the cluttered areas in my home. After taking this class, I have made progress in small areas, which makes me feel great. I plan to continue working on the “larger, messier areas” that I’ve mapped out in my Organizing Plan. I love how everything looks in the areas that I’ve reorganized and am eager to tackle the rest!
~ Marcia from MI, USA

Without a doubt this has been the most significant and life changing workshop I have ever taken. It has given me hope that my house can become organised, and that I won’t die of boredom doing it! Thank you so much.
~ Sue, from Dubai, Middle East

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