Time Saving Tip:  Use a timer to save time and get motivated!

Clock copyright simplify101 I’m a big fan of using a timer to help myself save time. A timer helps me set time limits on tasks where I normally might lose all sense of time. (Pinterest anyone?) And it also helps me stay focused for longer blocks of time on tasks where I might typically distract myself. This works particularly well for writing projects. I set the timer for thirty minutes and then focus solely on writing. If something pops up and distracts me, I jot it down on a nearby distractions pad and deal with those things after the timer dings. It’s amazing how much more gets done when you allow yourself to focus on just one thing at a time.

A timer is also a great tool when you’re procrastinating on a task. Set your timer for fifteen minutes and make the agreement that you’ll simply get started on the task you’re avoiding. When the timer goes off you have permission to stop…but usually I find I don’t want to. I’m over the hardest part of all:  getting started. :)

Finally, I love using a timer to declutter, especially with my kids. It’s so much easier to get their buy in on fifteen minutes of making progress decluttering their bedrooms, than it does to say “let’s go through your closet, dresser and desk this weekend.” By working in these smaller focused sessions, I find that we actually make greater progress—more unneeded stuff walks out the door.

Now it’s your turn. I’d love to hear how you use timers to get things done, or if you have another time saving tip, please share it in the comments.

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