The Weather Calls for…HEAT! And frankly, I’m a bit tired of it. Just before I took this photo, the thermometer read 104 degrees. ONE HUNDRED AND FOUR DEGREES! Are you kidding me? Yuck.

So, what better to do but organize (or write about it,) right?


Here’s a simple project I did last week. Took about 15 minutes and used some left over supplies from my scrapbook room project. We’ve stored my daughter’s hair stuff in a cabinet drawer by our kitchen table for a number of years…since that’s the room where invariably we comb her hair. Before this latest reorg, her stuff was stowed in a few make-up bags, you know one of those freebie-gift-with-purchase deals. Other hair stuff was just loose in the drawer. Honestly, it worked fine. It just didn’t look very neat and tidy. So I ran down stairs to my space, found these four extra bowls, dumped out the drawer and sorted away (while sipping wine and chatting with my hubby.) Poof! Minutes later, order had been created in hair care central. Total cost: $0.


Now…if you don’t have any hair care woes in your midst, what good is this little blog post going to do you? Well…here’s the message, go on a scavenger hunt in your home for containers that you can use to organize and corral some of the little messy stuff in one of your drawers. Ramekins work nicely, and truly, do we have the time to measure our stuff into ramekins before pouring into the bowls like they do on the cooking shows? Not I. So let’s put those little ramekins to a higher purpose: organizing! You could also use some spare glass votives or even small jelly jars to corral small things like paper clips, rubber bands, extra staples, loose pocket change, and so on. So go forth and conquer your pony tail holders! Bring order to your office supplies! Organize anything and everything! Just stay out of that heat. ;)

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