What it is: Today’s storage pick is the Lazy Susan.

Lazy susan

Where I got it: I got the wooden lazy Susan pictured here at Target several years ago. But Lazy Susans come in a variety of materials including wood, metal and plastic, and they’re pretty easy to find at stores that carry containers and other organizing products. Here’s a link to a similar wooden Lazy Susan.

Why I love it: In general, what I most love about a Lazy Susan is that it—or rather she—makes what would be unusable, invisible and hard to access storage space easy to reach and see. You can use a Lazy Susan on a deep shelf (such as in your refrigerator or in deep closet) and suddenly, the stuff in the back is no longer out of sight or out of mind. Just give Susan a quick spin, and viola! you have easy access to all those things that just moments before were hiding in the back of that deep, dark storage area. How clever is Susan?

Lazy susan

I use my wooden Lazy Susan out in the open in my scrapbook room, but being able to give her a quick spin makes all my frequently used tools easy to see and access. (Plus, I love how it looks!) I’ve also used the wooden Lazy Susan for fondue dinner parties, which makes for less passing of sauces and raw food, and more time to for chatting and leisurely cooking the fondue.

Do you use Lazy Susans anywhere in your home? If so, I’d love to hear how you use yours! Thanks for sharing.


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