What it is: This week’s storage solution of the week are space-saving hangers.

Where I got them: I got mine at Deal’s. Now that they’ve gotten so popular, you can get them pretty much anywhere hangers are sold.

Why I love them: They’ve got such a sleek, smart design!

Matching hangers

Upgrading to hangers made of a single color and/or material will give your closet a finished look and feel. So when I chose to swap out the mishmash of plastic hangers in my closet, I chose these. I love that clothes don’t slip off of them. It helps clothes retain their shapes (avoiding the shoulder bump thing!) They also take up less space than plastic or wooden hangers, which is great if you have a small closet or just want a little more breathing room on the clothes rack. And personally, I love the way they look, too.

What kind of hanger do you like best?

Happy Organizing,