What it is: This week’s storage solution of the week is a canvas, lidded box.

Where I got it: Walmart

Why I love it: They make great clutter bins!

Clutter bins lidded

I’ve been using clutter bins in my home for over a year now, with really great success. Both of my children have their own bins on the main level of our home, and as we encounter items that belong to them, we can put them in their clutter bins. Once or twice a week, they empty their bins and put all the items in their rightful homes.

The bins live on the lower shelf of a table near the stairs. Since the children’s bedrooms are upstairs, and since this table is centrally located in the house, it’s the ideal location. One thing that was NOT ideal was seeing full or overloaded bins full of clutter. Though it was an improvement over seeing their odds and ends all over the house, it still wasn’t quite the look we wanted for the hall table! To further complicate matters, our puppy discovered the clutter bins and mistook them for baskets full of chew toys. Keeping him out of their bins was impossible, so I had to find a new solution. I stumbled across these lidded boxes, and voila! They were just the solution I needed.

Clutter bin lidded box

They are slightly bigger than the open baskets they replaced, so they are less likely to be filled to overflowing. The lid keeps all the kids junk, er, I mean, precious treasures, out of sight. And best yet, the puppy can’t raid the bins anymore. Oh, and did I mention they are stackable? Yet another reason to love them!

Do you use clutter bins in your home? Leave us a comment to tell us what you use to corral that clutter!

Happy Organizing,