free-boot-storage-solutionWhat it is:  This week’s storage solution of the week are upcycled 32-oz plastic cups that I use to keep my boots upright in the closet.

Where I got them:  Clearly mine are from Quick Trip, but any sturdy plastic cup of about this size would work.

Why I love it:  Hmmm, well, because I love boots! But ugh, where do you store them? I don’t have room to lay them in the boxes they came in. Obviously they can’t go on my wall-mounted shoe rack. If I had shelves for them, they could go there, but they’d still flop over. They simply took up too much closet space, until I hit on this idea!

I slide the empty cup inside, and voila, it’s just sturdy enough to keep them upright.  The taper of the cup is perfect for the shape of the boot. And smaller cups work great for kids’ boot, too!

How and where do you store your boots?

Happy Organizing!