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Many years ago, when simplify 101 was in its infancy, I wrote a quick tip touting the benefits of Lazy Susan organizers. I proclaimed that “Lazy” Susan was a misnomer. This incredible storage solution should have been named Workhorse Susan or something else that would give this organizing superstar the recognition it deserves.

Years later, while other organizing ideas have come and gone from my favor, Lazy Susan still reins queen. This week, while tidying my pantry, I remembered my love of this amazing storage solution.

I have four 18” Copco Cabinet Turntables in my pantry. See, the shelves in my pantry are very, very deep. And while this is great for storing lots of stuff, it is not so great for retrieving lots of stuff. That is, until you add a Lazy Susan. Suddenly, items that would have gone missing in the deep, dark corners of my pantry are easily brought into sight and reach, all with the simple spin of my beloved Susan!

If you haven’t given a Lazy Susan organizer a try, give her another look. She’ll make hard to reach places all throughout your home easy to access. Here are some ideas:

In the kitchen. Use a lazy Susan in deep cabinets like under the sink, or on deep shelves like the ones in my pantry. Or use a small, double-decker Lazy Susan  in upper cabinets. They’re great for storing spices and other small items that would otherwise get lost in the back of the cabinet. A large lazy Susan is fabulous in the refrigerator. Say goodbye to science experiments formerly known as last week’s forgotten dinner.

Lazy Susan in the Fridge

In the bathroom or linen closet. Use a turntable to store toiletries, makeup or other small items in the cabinet under the sink. Or store extra and infrequently-used items on a Lazy Susan in the linen closet.

In the craft room. Keep often-used craft supplies in reach and in sight. This would be a great place to use a nice decorative Lazy Susan like this wooden one. I wrote more about using Lazy Susan organizers in the craft room in this post.

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Are you a fan of the Lazy Susan like I am? Where do you have them in your home? Share your thoughts in the comments!

Happy organizing!


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