If you’ve been stopping by here for a while, you may recall my enthusiasm when I first discovered Target’s ITSO line of storage products. Since that time, I have been slowly but surely incorporating ITSO into various areas in my own home, and the homes of my clients. In the spirit of organizing creatively, I thought it would be fun to share ten reasons I love ITSO…and ten ways you could use the small ITSO bin around your home. Sound fun? Let’s go!

ITSO helpful in the office—especially if your office is in the kitchen 

Even if you have a home office, at some point paper most likely finds its way into your kitchen. Right? But not to worry—ITSO can help. Here are some ways to use ITSO to organize your paper…whether it’s in your kitchen or your office.

1. Household Hub. One of the first reasons, ITSO caught my eye is because I had been on an extensive search for a container that would work as a file basket. I purchased my file basket (which you can see here) at World Market several years ago. It’s the ideal size for organizing file folders for all those pieces of paper that would otherwise be cluttering up your desk or kitchen counter. Unfortunately, it’s no longer available at World Market, but an ITSO bin is a terrific alternative.

Command center

2. Errand center. You’ve seen this one before, but truly, what’s not to love about a solution that makes meal planning and errand running a notch easier? So here’s the errand mini zone again.

Errand center

ITSO handy in the kitchen

You could use ITSO to organize your pantry or refrigerator. But why stop there? While you’re at it why not add a few ITSO’s in your freezer. Because the ITSO bin is long, it’s perfect for your deep storage spaces in the kitchen—like the pantry, refrigerator, and even under the sink. Suddenly…nothing gets lost in the back of the cabinet or fridge any more. How great is that? Here are some photos…

3. Pantry organizer. I use ITSO bins in the pantry to corral baking mixes, water bottles, to-go coffee cups, Flat Belly Diet foods, etc. You could also use it for potatoes and onions, or any small item in your pantry that would help from being corralled together — maybe picnic supplies like plastic cups and utensils?

ITSO in the pantry

4. Refrigerator organizer. I use small ITSO trays in the refrigerator. My favorite one is the dairy tray—it’s now always easy to find the sour cream and yogurt…and there’s no more unpleasant surprises when we open up the cottage cheese container. (Woohoo!)

ITSO in the fridge

5. Freezer organizer. I also have one ITSObin in the freezer for baking items (fillo dough, butter, etc.) but you could also use them for frozen veggies or fruit.

ITSO in the freezer

ITSO portable

Sometimes we need our storage solutions to go along for a ride with us. So why not use an ITSO bin as an on-the-go project bin or vehicle organizer.

6. On-the-go-project bin. I used an ITSO bin last time I did a Week in the Life scrapbook project…and it was great. It allowed me to journal and other scrapbooking activities while in my car waiting for soccer practice to end. 12” x 12” cardstock fits in here perfectly…so just think of the possibilities in your craft room…

ITSO bin

7. Vehicle organizer. If your kids spend a lot of time in the car—whether for family vacations or just driving around town during the week to and from practices or other activities—a well stocked car can make the journey more enjoyable for both Mother and child. Why not stock an ITSO bins with snacks or coloring books and crayons, or books or even small toys?

ITSO fabulous in your craft room as a…

8. Yarn organizer. Fall means knitting season for me…and ITSO is a handy way to keep your yarn and / or knitting projects organized.

ITSO crafty

9. Greeting card organizer. Whether you’re a card maker or just like to stock up on greeting cards so you’re always ready for an unexpected card sending event…ITSO is a great way to keep your cards organized. You could make some divider tabs out of card-stock and paper punches. And if you’re feeling really inspired, why not add a pen, stamps and your address book and turn your ITSO bin into correspondence mini zone. Card sending just got a notch easier. ;)

ITSO organized

10. ITSO perfect in the IKEA Expedit. That’s right—two small ITSO bins fit perfectly side-by-side in an Expedit. Woohoo!

ITSO fits in expedit

The best part of all, ITSO bins will have you saying…My house—ITSO organized!

It (so) your turn now. ;) I would love to hear from you. Do you use ITSO bins? If so, what do you use them for? Or…if you haven’t used one yet, what do you think? Are you inspired to give them a try?

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