After you finish an organizing project, do you wish—or maybe even expect—that things should stay that way going forward? If you’re tired of seeing the results of your organizing projects vanish before your eyes, keep this in mind: Staying organized is easier if you organize your spaces with maintenance in mind. Next time you organize a space, try these ideas. You’ll make it easier to stay organized going forward.

1. Love how it looks.

When you love how it looks you’ll want to keep it organized. Choose containers and other organizing solutions that are attractive to your eye and you’ll be motivated to do the tasks required to keep your spaces organized.

when getting organized use storage solutions you love

2. Get buy-in.

Anytime you organize a shared space get input from everyone who uses the space. While you may end up organizing the space differently than if you organize alone, the benefits will be worth it in the end. When you get buy-in up front your family members are more invested in how the space looks and functions. This will make them more likely—and better equipped—to help keep the space organized going forward.

3. Use labels.

Today it’s easier than ever to create attractive labels that give your project a professional finishing touch. (This plays right into tip #1.) But even more, by removing the ambiguity over what goes where, labels help others jump on the “keep it organized” bandwagon. Gotta’ love that.

labels make it easier to keep a space organized

With a little bit of planning before your next organizing project, you’ll be setting the stage for staying organized with ease.

Happy organizing!

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