Clock There’s something in the air. I’m not quite sure what it is but recently I’ve been having lots of conversations with people who feel they don’t have time to get organized. Do you feel this way, too?

If you’re overwhelmed by clutter and aren’t sure where to get started on your organizing journey, this can so often lead to paralysis. It feels like it’s going to take forever to clear out all that clutter, and quite frankly you don’t have forever. It feels like a hopeless battle so you don’t get started.

Now it’s not because you don’t want to do something about the clutter. And it’s not because you’re lazy. (So please, quit telling yourself that!) It’s because it feels like whatever you do it won’t be enough. It will hardly scratch the surface.

If you’ve taken any of my online workshops or worked with me via coaching then you know my go-to strategy for getting organized (and staying organized, for that matter) is to declutter or organize for fifteen minutes a day. But if you’re faced with a lot of clutter you might hear that advice and think “What’s the point? Fifteen minutes may work for other people, but it isn’t going to make any noticeable difference in my home. I need to do more.”

Well…yes, you will need to do more. (We all will.) Fifteen minutes of organizing in any home won’t get the job done forever. But when you’re feeling overwhelmed by your clutter the goal isn’t to get the job done…it is to get the job started! Take your mind off of finishing and put it on getting started. Don’t worry that you don’t know all the steps to get to a clutter free home. Pick one step…and do that one thing for fifteen minutes that will move you toward that vision of a peaceful and organized home.

Here’s something else to consider that you may not have before:  your home got cluttered in small bits of time, too. It didn’t get this way in a single day…it built up slowly over time. So it’s reasonable then, that small organizing sessions over a period of time will help you work your way back to where you want to be.

So don’t worry if it feels like fifteen minutes won’t make a difference—it will make a difference. You may have to trust me on this one, but even if you can’t see a difference after fifteen minutes, you will feel it! You will feel different when you get up off that chair and start taking action. And every single minute you spend heading in the direction of that organized home will make a difference! Every single step you take forward…moves you one step closer to where you want to be.

I know you’re busy…but do you think you can find fifteen minutes this weekend to get started? You’re much more likely to be able to find fifteen minutes in a day to start making progress on your organizing projects than you will be to find an hour…or even four hours! Right?

So think of it this way:  no matter how you slice it, four hours of organizing is made up of sixteen 15-minute blocks of time. You could wait to find sixteen continuous blocks of 15 minutes (a solid four hours) or you could find fifteen minutes right now. And then…maybe you’ll feel so energized that you’ll starting looking for another fifteen minute block of time, maybe tonight before bed. And then…you’re feeling so great that you decide to spend fifteen minutes tomorrow morning before the day starts…so you can do just a little bit more. (See how it works?) And in time after a few of these fifteen minute sessions…you won’t just feel different but things will start looking different, too!

Let me know if you give this a try today or this weekend, or please share if you’re already a believer in the fifteen minute approach. I would love to hear from you. Have a wonderful weekend!


P.S. As I was writing this post, I got this an email that said this:  I purchased and downloaded your “help, where do I start” booklet. Read it. Started yesterday with a large load of stuff from my kitchen. Honestly it was a bit crazy how much I was able to get rid of in 30 minutes. Tackling another 15 minutes in the kitchen today and then moving onto the bathroom.

It really does work, my friends. I hope you’ll try it for yourself…today.

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Aby Garvey is a creative organizing expert and simplify 101’s founder. She has created 14 online organizing classes, which she has been teaching since 2007, helping thousands of people around the world get organized. Aby loves to help people create positive change in their lives through her online classes and organizing eBooks.

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