This is the fourth post in a new series on How to Organize Your Home. The series will focus on what it really takes to organize your home so you and your family members are happy with the end results. Enjoy!

One of the most common things I hear from clients who want to organize their homes is that they’re overwhelmed by all the clutter. Maybe you’ve been there before, too? Anytime clutter and disorder have been building up in your home for a period of time, the prospect of digging out can definitely feel overwhelming. But here’s something to keep in mind:

You’ll get more done when you do less.

See, here’s the thing: Your whole home didn’t get cluttered all at once. Instead, it happened little by little. Maybe it started with a small pile of mail on the kitchen counter or a box of stuff you stashed in the spare room because company was coming for dinner. Regardless of where or how it started, your home didn’t get cluttered overnight. In fact, clutter often builds up so slowly that you really don’t even notice it…until all of a sudden you can’t help but notice it. And noticing it leaves you feeling completely overwhelmed.

Kitchen Counter Clutter

But here’s a little secret: The way to declutter and organize your home is to use the exact same process that allowed the clutter to build up in the first place, just in reverse. Dig out little by little—one counter top, one box, one drawer, or one corner at a time.

Instead of setting out to organize your whole home…set out to organize one small piece of it—one counter top, one box, one drawer, or one corner at a time. That’s it. When that’s done, then you can find your next small piece to tackle.

Not only will this approach help you move past your overwhelmed feelings more quickly, you’ll actually finish your projects faster, too. Do less. Accomplish more. It’s a nice little strategy to use when organizing your home.

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