This is the second post in a new series on How to Organize Your Home. The series will focus on what it really takes to organize your home so you and your family members are happy with the end results. Enjoy!

Begin Paving the Path of Your Organizing Journey

Sometimes I giggle a little that I work for a professional organizing company. Why? Because I wasn’t “born organized,” and for most of my life I certainly considered myself to be pretty messy.

It has only been in the last few years that I realized something pretty key: Those people who have super organized homes? They learned how to do that.

Someone showed them, modeled it for them, or taught them how to organize. I think it’s true that some people have a more inherent desire for order than others, and maybe some people latch onto organizing principles quicker than others. But, the important thing is that being organized is not a personality trait. If you don’t consider yourself to be an organized person, I want to share the following things I’ve realized in hopes that it encourages you on your organizing journey!

  • You can learn to be more organized. Really! If I can learn, anyone can– just ask my neat-freak husband. ;-) I’m teasing a little, but truth be told, my husband was my first organizing teacher. He modeled some really great practices for me keeping an organized house, including clutter control, decluttering, purging, and regular maintenance of organizing systems. That definitely got me started on my path to more organized living, and that path eventually led to simplify 101!
  • It’s OK to ask for help. Do you ever feel like being disorganized is a personality flaw? I know that I felt that way. So, admitting that I was a mess felt like airing my dirty laundry. I wasn’t embarrassed at needing a geometry teacher in high school. I didn’t feel awkward getting watercolor instruction from an artist. We consult with nutritionists, register for cooking classes and hire personal trainers. We are unafraid to ask for help in these areas, but for some reason we want to just BE organized. Becoming more organized is personal development, and it’s OK to get a professional to show you how to organize your home. That leads me to my next point.
  • We all learn differently. Research shows there are actually seven different learning styles – visual, aural, verbal, physical, logical, social and solitary. Do you know your learning style? I’m primarily a verbal learner, so it really works for me to read how to do something. Knowing this helps me understand why I can pin pretty pictures on Pinterest all day, but that doesn’t get me anywhere. In fact, sometimes it’s actually counterproductive because I see what others can accomplish and start feeling bad because it’s not getting me any closer to accomplishing the same for myself. The bottom line is that not everyone learns the same way, so it’s important to first understand your learning style, and then seek tools that will teach you how to organize in the way that works best for you.

If you’ve been laboring under the idea that you are simply “not an organized person” and therefore incapable of home organization that works (and lasts!), take heart. What it really takes to organize your home is simply a matter of learning how. You can do this! What’s one thing you’d like to learn to organize your home?

Happy Organizing,