When it comes to getting organized, sometimes getting started is the hardest part. Around here, the year has gotten off to a slow start and yet, January seems to be flying by at the same time! For me, this weird start to the New Year can be explained by two things. Thing one: The first Monday of the year didn’t happen until January 6. And thing two: My kids have been out of school for an extra five days (and counting!) due to winter weather. The end result is a slow start and a lack of the momentum that usually happens in the beginning of the year.

Maybe you’re feeling this way, too. In past couple of days, several people have mentioned to me that they’re procrastinating and lacking motivation. But, the whole year doesn’t have to be lackluster just because the year is getting off to a slow start. Let’s rally together and use these ideas to create some momentum!

How to Create Momentum | simplify 101

1. Ignore the calendar or anything else that makes you feel “behind.”

So often this behind feeling is one that is pretty arbitrary. Who says we have to create momentum on the first, or by the first Monday of the year. Let’s start today!

2. Tune into your cravings.

I for one am craving some structure and routine. Vacations and having the kids off of school are great…for a while. In the beginning the change of pace is refreshing, but too much of a good thing has turned the relaxed feelings into lethargy. I know I’m craving routine, but I’m not getting it from school like I normally do…so it’s time to tune into my cravings and set some structure of my own. How about you? What are you craving? What can you do to fill that need on your own, if you’re not getting it in the usual way?

3. Address overwhelmed feelings.

Nothing can derail motivation quite like feeling overwhelmed does. If you are feeling overwhelmed, try to figure out the root cause. Usually when I’m overwhelmed it’s because I’m trying to think about or do too much all at once. The best way out of this is to create a quick list and get everything out of my head and onto paper. Then, pick just one thing to focus on. This step alone can help create momentum, as you stop being bogged down by too many things vying for your attention.

4. Take a small step forward.

Once you’ve picked one thing to focus on, take a small step forward. Spend five minutes making progress, or do just the first step in a multi-step project. Giving yourself permission to start small, believe it or not, will help you create momentum, and often, the desire to keep moving forward.

Ahh…I think we just might salvage 2014 after all. ;)

Are you lacking momentum or feeling behind, too? Or are you feeling overwhelmed and unsure of how to start? Please share your thoughts in the comments below. I’d love to hear from you! Here’s to creating momentum and a creating a terrific 2014.


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