This is the third post in a series on getting organized for Project Life. Go here to read the Getting Organized for Project Life – Part 1 and go here to read Getting Organized for Project Life – Part 2. Project Life is a memory keeping system developed by Becky Higgins. I’m using Project Life to document 2013, week by week, as part of my 13 Goals in 2013 Challenge. Now that you’re up to date…let’s pick up where I left off. In this post I’ll share how I organize and store my Project Life supplies, as well as my process — so far — for putting pages together.

One of my biggest obstacles to doing Project Life last year was that I didn’t have a system that made it easy to keep up. I also tried to store my tools and supplies in my office / scrapbook room, which kept me away from my family. And this just didn’t work for me. So, the final problem I needed to address to set myself up for success this year was:

Problem #3: I need a way to store my Project Life tools and supplies in my family room, and set up a little work area for assembling pages.

Organizing Solutions #3: Use minimal tools and supplies—to keep the process simple and ensure everything fits in my family room.

In order for everything to fit and be easy to use in my family room, I had to keep it super simple by using minimal tools and supplies. All of my tools and supplies fit in two small containers—a wicker basket and a wooden crate. (The blue ceramic basket holds memorabilia.)

Organize Project Life Supplies | simplify 101

In the wicker basket I store these essentials: paper trimmer, glue stick, 4 x 6 cards (from the Sea Foam Core Kit and Turquoise Core Kit), pens, markers, scissors, note cards, corner rounder, washi tape, a collapsible mesh trash can, and a few blank labels. So far, the only other supplies I want to add are a bit more washi tape, some more plain labels and a marker for writing on photos. All of this will easily fit in the basket.

Organize Store Project Life Supplies | simplify 101

I store my 3×4 journaling cards in a small wooden crate. I organized my cards first by color, and then by card type. I made simple dividers with 3×5 cards. I love this because it’s super easy to get my fingers on the card I want when it comes time to assemble pages.

Project Life Core Kit Journaling Card Storage | simplify 101

The only other products I use and store nearby are extra sheet protectors, which are stored in a desk drawer, and I keep my in-process binder (finished pages) on a nearby bookcase.

While limiting my supplies was out of necessity (space limitations) it has led to surprising benefits. It is making me love this project even more! The whole process of assembling pages is easier and more fun for me because I have fewer choices to make. Here’s how I do it.

I move my two little product containers (the basket and crate), empty sheet protectors and my package of photos to the buffet that is just a few steps away from my roll top desk. It is the perfect standing height for me. So when I’m ready to put my pages together, I stand at the buffet and tuck photos into the pockets first.

Project Life Organization Family Room Work Area | simplify 101

Then, I see how much space I have left for journaling cards and memorabilia. I fill out journaling cards, using the notes in my journal and my little weekly card filing system. I just pull out the highlights – whatever will fit in the space I have.

Assembling pages is my favorite part of the process. It’s amazing how much things can change in just a few weeks…and how other things stay exactly the same. So far, this is all working great. And by keeping it simple, I have even started going back and printing photos from 2012, so I can put together a 2012 project life, too. I know there will be holes…places where I stopped documenting and taking photos. But that’s okay…that’s what life looked like in 2012.

So there you have it. My super simple, giving-myself-permission-to-be-a-beginner, Project Life organizing systems and process! I’d love to hear your thoughts. If you’re a Project Lifer, what works for you? What doesn’t currently work for you? Thanks for sharing!

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