What it is:  This week’s storage solution of the week is the SMASH book from K&Company.

SMASH copyright simplify101

Where I got it: I picked up mine at Michael’s. (You can also find SMASH products at Amazon.com)

Why I love it: Well, I came across the SMASH video via this Pin and was very intrigued. This intrigue quickly turned into obsession:  I simply had to have a SMASH book. Why? While you might look at this and think “It’s just another scrapbook,” but I saw permission to create an imperfect scrapbook.

The pages are all different…which means there’s no way I could possibly expect my photos and other goodies to perfectly match the background. How freeing! Plus, I love the little loop for the pen, which also happens to include glue stick on the other end, which makes the act of smashing a portable, in-front-of-the-T.V. kind of proposition.

Best of all, the SMASH book allows you to transform this…

Memorabilia sack copyright simplify101
(a little bag full of travel memorabilia)

or this…

Memorabilia jar copyright simplify101
(a glass jar full of random goodies you’ve collected over the years)

into this…

SMASH book copyright simplify101

(a perfectly imperfect SMASH book page.)

What’s not to love, right? The SMASH line also includes jumbo rubber bands (so that after you smash in all your goodies, you can still keep your book closed), stickers, little envelopes, small notebooks, SMASH tape and more—everything you need for a smashing good time. So if you’re looking for a new way to organize and store some of your memorabilia, give SMASH a look.

Have you seen or used any of the SMASH products yet? What do you think? 

Happy Smashing!


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