Earlier this week, I joined my friend Lain Ehmann for a webinar where I answered scrapbooker’s organizing questions. Throughout the questions, a common theme emerged. Scrapbookers were in search of the best way to organize. What’s the best way to organize stickers? one person asked, while another was in search of the best way to organize patterned paper. Maybe you’ve wondered something similar while organizing…what is the best way to do this?

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Whether you’re organizing scrapbook supplies, office supplies, or sweaters, when you find yourself looking for the best way to organize, pause for a moment and consider this: there is no best way to organize anything. There are simply ways to organize that work better for some people, and ways that work better for others. The key is to stop looking for the best way to organize and instead find a good way to organize for you. 

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When you stop looking for the best way to organize, you give yourself permission to try a good idea or two on for size. You give yourself the opportunity to play around and see what works, which means you take away the pressure that comes from seeking a perfect solution.

Additionally, when you look for a good solution for you, you step back and think about what you need. What works for you in other areas? What doesn’t work for you? This turns your focus inside, instead of looking outside. What’s going on outside — on Pinterest or in magazines or in your neighbor’s very well organized home — may be all wrong for you. Focus on what you know about yourself and in the process you may just find the best organizing solution after all.

Have you ever gotten stuck looking for the best way to organize something? What do you think about giving this new approach a try? Please share your thoughts in the comments.

Happy organizing!



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