Organizing is not a one-size-fits-all proposition—especially when it comes to paper. The most effective paper storage and organizing solutions are those that work for you and how you naturally do things. Here are a few examples from Smead.

If you’re a visual person, you may be inclined to keep your papers in stacks so they’re out in the open where you can see them. If stacking works for you—by all means keep on stacking! But, if stacks make you feel uncomfortable, or if you don’t like how they look, try a paper storage solution that allows you to keep your papers visible and vertical. The new Stadium FileTM from Smead could be the solution for you. It has a tiered design that allows you to keep twelve file folders in sight and in-reach…which just might mean an end to piles. You can find this product at Office Depot, Franklin Covey and


If you’re someone who likes to color code, Smead Viewables® labeling system makes labeling and color coding your files and hanging folders a breeze. I’m usually not a fan of color coding because it adds a level of complication to the filing process in that you have to keep an invetory of every colored file folder or label in your supply cabinet or drawer. But this patented product allows you to customize your filing with color and fonts with a single product, which makes color coding simple. The starter kit comes with label sheets, and the latest version of the software which remembers how many labels are left on your page so there’s no waste. (Okay, how cool is that?) Look for this product at Office Depot or Staples.


If you’re someone who loves to label, Smead Supertab® File Folders have nearly double the labeling area of standard folders. This means more space for larger, more descriptive labels, or big printing, which again is a great idea for visual people. These super-sized file folders come in wide variety of colors including go-with-everything manila. Supertab File Folders are also available at Office Depot and Staples.


Thank you to Smead for sponsoring this content. (Please note that I was given product samples and a nominal gift card to do this post. That being said, I do not blog about anything I do not believe in and Smead did not edit my post or direct my content in any way.) So, I hope you enjoyed finding out about these new products. I’d love to hear what you think about these products, and what works for you. What products are paper-clutter-life savers for you? Thanks for sharing! 

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