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Plagued by paper clutter? You are not alone! Questions about how to organize papers — school papers, bills, mail, kids’ artwork, magazines, important documents —  are among the most frequently asked questions at simplify 101. We pulled together for you 10 of our top paper clutter tamers with just a bit of explanation. And if we blogged about these before, we link back to that original post, too.

The paper comes in, and then where does it go? Establish a conveniently located inbox to catch the incoming paper so it doesn’t accumulate on your table or counter-tops!

Magazine box

For paper that requires action, create an action file like this one in Aby’s kitchen.

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When papers require some sort of action but are also partially for reference, like organizing checklists or chore charts, clipboards are a fantastic solution. Paper on a clipboard can be hung up, carried from room to room or even store to store. Handy, yes?

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Some types of paper, like school lunch menus or club newsletters, don’t require action on your part. You can put them “away” but still need them in a place where you can easily refer to them. That’s where the home management binder comes in. Seriously, if you do only one thing to tame your paper clutter, do this!

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While the reference binder is multi-purpose, you can also create more specific binders. A recipe binder is a great place to corral your family’s favorites in one, easy-to-access place.

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Organizing kids’ artwork and school papers is definitely among the top paper clutter challenges we see. Artwork binders can be a smart solution for this dilemma, too!

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Now that you have fallen completely in love with the binders, here’s yet another idea. Put all those magazine articles, notable quotes, fabric swatches and color samples in an inspiration or decorating ideas binder. When you are not dealing with hard copies or actual samples of things, Pinterest can act the same way, allowing you to organize your “Pinspired” ideas while adding zero clutter to your home!

Magazine binder

For many people, keeping those inspirations, plans and goals in sight is key to helping them achieve their goals. Goals or Inspiration Boards can be a fun way to keep things visible without creating paper piles.

Goals board image

Now, how about those sentimental tidbits or memorabilia that you want to hang onto without causing clutter? SMASH books  are a super easy way to compile things you love into a scrapbook of sorts.

SMASH book copyright simplify101

For papers that require filing of any sort, altered file folders can add instant zip so that the files look lovely (not cluttery) in your action file or on your desk.

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We hope these ideas will get you taming your paper clutter in no time. Get more ideas like these, plus step-by-step guidance on creating paper organizing systems you love, in our Organize Your Paper Clutter online class! (Now available on-demand, start anytime you want and organize your paper on your time schedule.)

Happy Organizing!

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