Q: What should I do with mail that I want to think about and catalogs that need to be read?

Let’s tackle catalogs first. A great rule of thumb is to store things where you use them. So where do you use catalogs either to place orders or to casually flip through them just for fun? Store catalogs in a basket or decorative storage bin in either the location where you shop from the catalogs, or where you browse through them for fun. Give yourself enough room for the current edition of each of your favorite catalogs … and then, when a new catalog lands in your mailbox, pitch the old one. (If you know for sure you don’t need anything from that catalog anytime in the near future, by all means, pitch both of them!)

For other time sensitive items that you want to think about … use the same rule of thumb. Let’s take coupons as an example. Sure, coupons from The Gap, Bath and Body or your other favorite retailer are great …but do you need anything from that store? Will you have time to get to that store before the expiration date? If no, pitch it. If yes, store your coupons in a box for coupons or file pocket in a home management binder. Remember to purge expired coupons when you add a new one to the box or folder.

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