I love it when one single project allows you to accomplish two goals. I fondly call these projects organizing two-for-ones: two tangible benefits for the price of one organizing project! This week’s organizing two-for-one is to create a three-ring binder, loaded with your favorite healthy recipes. If you’ve resolved to eat healthier or to lose a few pounds, this simple project will help reenergize your health goals while also eliminating a common source of paper clutter. How great is that? (Don’t you see why I just love these organizing two-for-ones?)

Organize for healthier eating with a custom recipe binder

1. Select and categorize.

Pull out your collection of loose recipes you’ve gotten from friends, family, or magazines. Decide which recipes to put in your binder—those that will help you accomplish your health goals and are tried-and-true favorites. Categorize your recipes into groupings that make sense to you. You could categorize by main ingredient, such as chicken, vegetarian, or beef; or you could categorize by type of dish (main dish, side dish), or meal (breakfast, lunch, dinner). Simply choose categories that make sense to you.

2. Assemble your binder.

Label binder tabs with your categories, and then slide your recipes into sheet protectors to keep your recipes free from spills and other midstream cooking messes. Use the front pocket of your binder (or add a pocket folder) to stash recipes you’d like to try.

3. Use your binder.

This is the fun part. Won’t it be great to have quick and easy access to all your favorite healthy recipes? When you’re making your grocery list, pull out your binder and make a list of upcoming meals and recipes to prepare. Add the ingredients to your list shopping list and you’re good to go! Organizing two-for-one accomplished!

What’s your favorite way to organize recipes? I’d love to read about it in the comments below!

Happy organizing!


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