Magazine boxPaper clutter often begins when new paper comes into the home. If you don’t have a specified place for all your to-be-processed paper, the result is that it stacks up haphazardly on any flat surface or on top of yesterday’s (or last week’s) stack.

The first line of defense for organizing paper work is to stop paper clutter where it begins, right when it comes into your home. Do this by establishing a single collection spot for all of your incoming paper. You can use a traditional in-box, a plastic tray designed for serving food, a magazine box or even a wicker basket. Select a container that works well in the space where your paper typically lands today. If you handle your paper in a different location from this landing spot, choose a portable container for collection.

What works for you? Do you have a designated spot for incoming paper? What type of container do you use and where is it located? I’d love to hear!

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