This morning as I was cleaning up the breakfast dishes, I was thinking about the changes I made when I reorganized my kitchen for my Organize Your Kitchen online video class. It occurred to me that my favorite change was a simple one. I moved my toaster off the kitchen counter and into my pantry. This switch, while simple, made a huge difference in my kitchen. You see, my kitchen is quite small and my toaster is rather large. The toaster simply took up too much physical and visual space on my counter. Moving it provided instant and ongoing clutter relief.

If your kitchen counter is cluttered, it can dramatically reduce your desire to be in your kitchen. There’s a barrier to cooking when you have to clean up before you even start the main project of preparing a meal or baking some cookies. If you can get one big item off your counter and stored elsewhere (like I did with my toaster) it can make a big impact.

Clutter-free Kitchen Counter

So your assignment for today (if you choose to accept it) is to move just one item that currently lives on your counter to another space in your home. The bigger the better. If it’s an item you use frequently, like a toaster, declutter your cabinets or pantry to make space for it behind closed doors. If it’s something you use less frequently, then look for a new storage location in another area of your home, such as in your basement, the storage area in the garage, or a storage closet down the hall.

Once you’ve moved your one item, step back and see how good it feels. Want to keep going? Simply do what you just did one more time.

Remember, sometimes the best organizing ideas are the simplest ones. What simple change can you make today? Share your ideas in the comments!

Happy organizing!


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