Taking on a spice organization project is a quick way to add a dash of organizational bliss to your kitchen. Toss in a new spice storage system, add some labels, and suddenly making dinner is a pinch easier and a dash tastier than before! Here’s how to organize your spice cabinet in four simple steps.

Organize Spices on a Lazy Susan

Step 1: Sort

Select a sorting scheme for your spices, such as alphabetical, sweet and savory, regular use and specialty use, or individual spices versus spice blends. Sort your spices in a way that will make them easier to access while cooking or baking. Once you’ve selected your sorting scheme, pull all of your spices out of your spice cabinet or drawer, and start sorting.

Step 2: Edit

If you discover you have four jars of basil or caraway seed from the early ‘90s, now is the time to edit. Pitch expired spices, consolidate half-full bottles, and donate unopened and unneeded spices to your local food pantry.

organize spices in an over-the-door spice rack

Step 3: Store

Next, evaluate your spice storage system. Does it allow you to easily see and access your spices? If not, consider upgrading with a new spice organizer. Start by considering the primary storage location for your spices (cabinet, drawer, or counter) and then seek out a spice organizer that will keep your spices in sight and in-reach. For example, if your primary storage location is a cupboard, consider using a lazy Susan or a door-mounted spice rack. If you store your spices in a kitchen drawer, look for a drawer organizer designed for spices. Finally, if you keep your spices on the kitchen counter, a spice rack or lazy Susan is a terrific option for you.

counter-top spice rack

Step 4: Label

If your storage arrangement doesn’t make it easy to distinguish your basil from your bay leaves, add labels. If you’re using a lazy Susan, you could add labels to the side of the turntable. Or, if you store your spices in a drawer, it could make sense to label the tops of your spice bottles. Add labels if it will make it easier to find your spices or put them back in the right spot after cooking.

All that’s left to do now is stand back and admire your freshly organized spices—and, of course, enjoy them in your favorite meals!

Where do you store your spices? What type of spice organizer do you prefer? Thanks for sharing your thoughts in the comments below!

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