One of the most common sources of kitchen counter clutter is paperwork and mail. Is this true in your kitchen? If so, you’re not alone. The kitchen is a natural landing spot for new paper that comes into our home, and often paper work is handled there as well. The solution, then, is to give paper a tidy home in your kitchen.

How to End Paper Clutter in the Kitchen

If you’re tired of stacks and piles cluttering your kitchen counters, try this simple tip. Set up a simple counter-top filing system using a small basket or file box and file folders. Next, create a home management binder to store items you access regularly and need to keep close at hand. These storage solutions will put an end to paper clutter on a daily basis, and because they’re portable, you don’t have to worry about paper being out when you have guests over. Simply move your file basket or box temporarily into the home office or bedroom until your guests leave. Is paper a source of clutter in your kitchen? Would this idea work for you? Let me know in the comments! Happy organizing!


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