Fabulous 15 Minute Organizing Fixes: a blog series from simplify 101

This week’s fabulous fifteen minute organizing fix is to set up a lunch-making bin in your refrigerator. (Just in case you didn’t take action the last time I blogged about this…I thought we’d bring it back as part of our Fabulous 15 Minute series.) Here’s why. This quick little project will save you time every morning, whether you’re packing lunch for yourself, your kiddos, your hubby, or all of you. If there’s no lunch packing going on in your home, no worries. You can instead use this idea to corral together healthy snacks for you and your family members. Best yet, this project will also cut some clutter in your refrigerator by giving small items a specific, easy-to-access home. So let’s get started!

Store lunch essentials in a bin inside the fridge to simplify the lunch-making process

Start by purchasing (or re-purposing) a plastic storage bin sized to fit on one of the shelves in your refrigerator. I set up my lunch-making bin a couple of years ago using an ITSO bin from Target. Two of them fit perfectly side-by-side on the shelf in my refrigerator and this container has been working great for my lunch-making bin.

school lunch organizing tips

Next load up your bin with prepackaged lunch-making items such as cheese sticks, and/or small packages of yogurt, smoothies, juice or milk. Once a week pack items like grapes, baby carrots, celery sticks and dip into small, reusable containers.

school lunch refrigerator bin

I decided to store fruit and veggies in bulk instead of prepackaged to save space in my bin. I used a small plastic cup to hold cheese sticks upright, making them easier to see and access.

And that’s all there is to it! 15 minutes to a less clutter in the refrigerator, and less time spent on a daily task. I’d call that 15 minutes well spent!

I’d love to hear about your refrigerator. What are your biggest challenges—or victories—when it comes to organizing your refrigerator?

Happy organizing!


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