As part of kid’s week at simplify 101, I thought I’d share this:

colander full of tub toys

A plastic colander full of tub toys! Isn’t that fun?

OK…so it’s not super full because, as it occurred to me after purchasing this little colander, our days of tub toys are long over. But…we do have a fine assortment of loofahs (or faloofahs as Kailea would say.) I thought we still had a little rubber duck for the photo shoot, but no luck on the duck, so the turtle and fishies will have to do. But…you get the idea. And you can close your eyes and imagine the larger sized colander loaded full of tub toys…all getting dry because of the convenient drainage holes that are built right into the colander. Isn’t that fun?

I’ve had this idea forever…like even during our tub toy days. But I never did find a plastic colander that I liked. Until yesterday. And so even though I’m a bit light on the tub toys, I’m a firm believer that a dry faloofah is a happy faloofah. Are you with me? Of course you are.

So that’s todays kid organizing nugget. The colander is from Zak and it comes in an array of fun colors. I picked mine up from my local grocery store, Schnucks (with a link just in case you think I’m pulling your leg on that store name.) If you don’t have a Schnuck’s in your neck of the woods, check the Zak website for store locations. And have fun keeping those tub toys (or faloofahs) dry!


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