Do you and your family love to play games? With the weather (finally) starting to get cooler, one thing is clear. Game season is just around the corner. Woohoo!

So let’s get those games and puzzles organized so you can make the most of family game night. Sound like a plan?

Organized games

Store your games so they’re easy to get your hands-on, making game night a more likely (and more enjoyable) event. Whenever possible, keep your games (or at least the family favorites) in the room where you play games. Store them in a family-room cabinet, on a shelf on your coffee table, or tucked inside a storage ottoman. If you play games at the kitchen table, carve out some space in a nearby cabinet, pantry or even on top of the fridge. The closer you store your games to where you play them, the more likely it is you’ll get them out to play and put them away when you’re all done.

Organized games

Consider storing games sideways to make them easier to slide out at game time. Just make sure the lid will stay put so contents don’t spill. ;)

Corral small games like card games and pick-up sticks into a long, narrow box. By storing these games vertically it’s easy to see what you have. Flash cards and other educational card games can be tucked inside a basket.

Keep score-keeping pads and pencils, or even dice and playing cards inside a brightly colored bucket.


If one puzzle is good…eight must be better, right? Right. Until all eight get dumped on the floor at exactly the same time. If you’ve sorted one too many puzzle piece in your lifetime, try this trick. Assign each puzzle a number, and label the backs of each puzzle piece with that puzzles assigned number. For example, the United States map puzzle pieces are all labeled with a #1; the fruit puzzle pieces are labeled with #2 and so on. If pieces from more than one puzzle get mixed together, it will be much easier to sort by numbers instead of trying to distinguish the colors, patterns and shapes on the front of the pieces.

numbered puzzle pieces

Happy game playing…and remember to sign up for the “Organize Your Kid’s Room” teleclass for even more ideas on how to keep your life with kiddos organized and fun! I can’t wait to see you in class. :)

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