I knew as soon as I joined Pinterest that this would happen… my head is just swimming in incredible ideas for the holidays thanks to all the “Pinspiration” and “Pinteresting” things I find there! If you aren’t familiar with it yet, Pinterest is web site where you can store and share all the fabulousness that you run across on the web. Think virtual bulletin board, only more organized!

Right now, I am giddy over the cool ideas for Elf on the Shelf, not to mention great gift ideas and recipes! I just love to log in and instantly see things that are fun, simple, creative, and completely doable. I realized today, though, that I’m not yet using Pinterest in a way that makes total sense – getting organized for the holidays! As I run across gift ideas for my family, I can Pin them. As I find recipes perfect for holiday gatherings, I can Pin them. When I see cute decorating displays, I can Pin them. I love that I can add notes right then to specify who, what, when or where I am thinking of using the idea. I have been doing this to some extent, but not necessarily in the most organized way.

Today, I spent a few minutes reorganizing and adding boards that are more specific. Plus, I realized I can repin to multiple boards. So, if there’s a gift in my Gift Ideas board that could be given any time, but I am thinking about it now as a great holiday gift for a neighbor, it can live in both places. Hooray! I also just added a board for things I have already tried, thanks to Pinterest.  Here’s a photo of a thankful tree I made this year.

Thankful tree

Here is what inspired my Thankful Tree. To really maximize Pinterest’s ability to help us organize for the holidays, here are some tips for you:

  • Create new boards specific to the holidays, such as New Year’s Eve Ideas, New Traditions, Holiday Recipes, Party Planning, Holiday Gifts, etc.
  • Go through your current boards to see what could be moved or repinned to your new holiday boards. For example, you may have an outfit on a style board that you would like to replicate for a holiday event.
  • Make specific notes on pins when you pin them. Quickly jotting down thoughts like “Great gift idea for my elderly neighbor,” or “Pretty Christmas dress for my daughter,” will help you remember what you had in mind when you revisit this later.
  • Create a board to repin all the stuff you’ve tried thanks to Pinterest. Delete or make notes on pins of things you tried but didn’t like, that way you won’t repeat the disappointment in a year or two!

Have you found holiday inspiration on Pinterest that you can’t wait to try? Have you tried things you really loved? We’d love to hear what’s Pinteresting to you!


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