I don’t know about you, but this time of year there seem to be more opportunities for surface clutter than ever, right when my tolerance ratchets down another notch. Maybe it’s the holiday decorations, or the massive tree in my family room, but during the holidays I crave clear, clutter-free surfaces more than ever. If you feel this way too, try these Christmas-time clutter control tips.

3 Ways to Curb Christmas Clutter

1. Establish a hiding spot for gifts.

Putting gifts away in a designated spot will keep your surfaces clear of shopping bags. If that’s not enough, you’ll also find it easier to keep track of what you’ve purchased, which means you avoid clutter caused by unnecessary purchases. For your hiding spot, you could designate a chest, a closet, or a shelf in your storage room. (I keep mine in a closet, in a tall canvas bin. No one would ever guess there are gifts hiding inside! Sneaky, right?) If you don’t have a good hiding spot, consider wrapping gifts soon after you purchase them, then store them under the tree. Your wrapped gifts will look festive and fun, a far cry from clutter.

2. Create space in the pantry.

If your holiday plans include baking, clear out some space in the pantry for freshly baked cookies, cakes and pies. Keeping these items off the kitchen counter will help keep your kitchen clutter-free all season long.

3. Curtail Christmas morning clutter.

On Christmas Eve collect supplies to make your unwrapping session a bit more orderly. You’ll need scissors and / or a box cutter, plus containers for collecting reusable items (bows, bags, tags, ribbons), recycling (torn paper, shipping boxes) and trash. You could use empty boxes, tall laundry baskets, attractive trash cans, paper bags or pop-up leaf bags.

Use buckets to collect small gifts on Christmas morning

Then, establish a collection container for each person’s gifts. Containers like plastic buckets prevent small gifts like jewelry, gift cards, perfume and candy from getting lost in the clutter. Plus, it’s easier to clean up and transport gifts to each person’s room when they’re all corralled together.

What are your strategies for staying on top of clutter during the holiday season? Share your ideas in the comments!


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