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How to Work Around Perfectionism when Getting Organized

By |August 30th, 2013|

Does the desire to create a perfect space prevent you from getting started on your organizing projects? Even though images in magazines, blogs and on Pinterest make us believe that an organized space is a perfect […]

Create an Organizing Container Station

By |August 29th, 2013|

Welcome back to our second installment of Fabulous 15 Minute Organizing Fixes. Did you pull together your organizing toolkit? If not…there’s still time because this week’s project is another “get ready” organizing fix. This week’s mini […]

Fabulous 15 Minute Organizing Fixes: A New Blog Series

By |August 22nd, 2013|

Jennifer and I have been working on a fun new blog series that I’m super excited to introduce today!

That’s right! We’ve put together a collection fast and fabulous organizing fixes. These projects are like little organizing […]

What are you organizing for?

By |July 24th, 2013|

This morning, I woke up at 6 AM to get my daughter ready for cross country. I pulled open the curtains above the kitchen sink and caught a glance of the thermometer sitting on my window […]

Where to Start Organizing

By |June 19th, 2013|

As a professional organizer, one of the things I hear most often from prospective clients is this: I just don’t know where to begin! Have you ever felt this way? Whether you’re setting out to organize […]

Organizing Tip: Assign a Place for Everything

By |February 21st, 2013|

This tip is a snippet from the online workshop The FUNdamentals of Getting Organized. It’s like a little taste test that you can put into action today to begin seeing more order in your home. Enjoy!
Organizing FUNdamental […]

12 Great Organizing Printables (Updated!)

By |February 2nd, 2013|

When we first published this post as 10 Great Organizing Printables, we had no idea how viral it would become. Thanks for all the love (and pins!) you have given this list! As a bonus to […]

Professional Organizing Services in St. Louis

By |October 10th, 2012|

Did you know that I offer in-home professional organizing services in the St. Louis area?


Well…you’re in good company. Last summer I got a phone call from a prospective client who said “Do you still do in-home organizing […]

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Organized Drop Zone Gives Stuff a Place to Land

By |September 3rd, 2012|

In last week’s Quick Tip email, I covered the concept of creating a drop zone in your home, which is an intentional landing spot for the items in our arms and hands when we come through the door of […]

Ten Simple Ways to Create a Fresh Start

By |August 3rd, 2012|

Right around the month of August each year, I begin to crave change. I’m ready for a fresh start, a change of scenery, a new routine. And perhaps more than anything…I’m ready for a change on […]