Fabulous 15 Minute Organizing Fixes: a blog series from simplify 101

If you store shirts in a drawer, I don’t have to tell you how challenging it can be to keep the drawer tidy. Right? My daughter Joy’s T-shirt drawer was completely out of hand. She continued to wear the 4 or 5 shirts at the top of the heap, and occasionally I’d hear her comment along the lines of, “Oh, wow! I totally forgot I even had that shirt.” Clearly this drawer was in need of a fix, so I took a few minutes while she was getting ready for bed and rocked her 10-year-old world. Here’s how.

First, I emptied the drawer. I pulled everything out of the drawer, setting aside anything that was too small, too stained, or otherwise unwanted. The discards were promptly put into our “donate” bin. Roll cami and tank tops to store vertically in the drawer

Next, I refolded everything. I folded Joy’s cami and tank tops in half lengthwise (strap to strap), then rolled them so they could stand up rather than being stacked on top of each other. Fortunately I had an extra IKEA drawer organizer on hand. Oh, wow, I love those things, and it was the perfect size for these shirts. Then I folded the T-shirts using this completely awesome technique that Aby showed me. You may have seen this already, but if not, feel free to send Aby a note of thanks. This. Is. Awesome.

Use this folding technique to store t-shirts vertically instead of stacked on top of each other!

After that, I put the newly folded shirts in vertically rather than horizontally. It saved a ton of room in the drawer, plus now Joy can actually see what’s in there! Ta da!

How to store shirts so you can see them and get to them

OK, it’s your turn. If you don’t store shirts in a drawer, or your T-shirt drawer is already nice and neat, just choose another drawer that is out of control and spend 15 minutes taming it. Now I have to ask: Do you already fold your shirts this way, or is this new to you, too? Try it, love it. Pin it, share it! Your friends will thank you.

Happy Organizing!