Elizabeth asked if I had any tips for storing kid’s clothes. Turns out I needed to tackle Collin’s clothes this weekend and make the big winter to summer clothing swap. So Elizabeth is in luck! Here are some ideas:

In season / casual clothes go in my kid’s dressers, like this:

  • Bottom drawer: pants and shorts
  • Next drawer up: shirts
  • Next drawer up: underwear, socks and pajamas. To add a bit of order in this drawer, I put the socks in an unlidded plastic shoe box.
  • Top drawer: special clothes … those things you need to find in a hurry and don’t want to be scurrying around looking for … like the baseball uniform, swim suits, soccer shirt, and so on. Because this drawer isn’t terribly full, it’s easy to find these things and know if they’re clean and ready the night before the big event.

Out of season clothes are stored in three bins in the closet. During the transition time (when one minute we need winter clothes and the next we need summer clothes) the bins can be easily pulled off the shelf to use the items inside.

I also have one bin in each child’s closet for donations. As they grow out of things, the items can go right into the bin.


And, yes, they’re my favorite bins. I say, if you find something that works, keep on doing it! What could be simpler than that? ;)

I don’t hang many of my kid’s clothes because I like to keep everything together and their clothes are really causal. But, I had to share this idea a client of mine uses. She has a little girl and gets complete outfits that come with matching accessories (like from Gymboree.) She likes to store the outfits and accessories together on hangers. To store the accessories (socks, hair bows, etc.) she bought some small straw purses from the dollar store. The accessories are tucked inside the little bags and the handle hangs from the hanger. Isn’t that a fun idea?

If you have a fun or favorite idea for storing kid’s clothes, please share! I love hearing your terrific ideas.

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