Ah yes, winter is just about here. Or maybe it is ALREADY here by the feel of it outside … rustling leaves … howling wind … brrrr. Time to stock-up and organize all your winter gear! My daughter and I hit Target last night and loaded her up with the CUTEST hats, mittens, scarves, and so on. So fun!

But ah … back to the organizing. Lynn asked for some fresh ideas to organize her winter gear in lieu of her current system. Here are some of my ideas. Would love to hear yours, too!

Put the space below your coats to good use with a pull out drawer system. Here’s a rather pricey but nifty option and here’s the same idea at a little better price.

The inside of the closet door can make for great storage, too. You could string some clothes line and clip your hats, scarves and gloves to the line using clothes pins. (Don’t try this if you have little ones who could get caught up in the clothes line, deal?) You could also forgo the clothes line altogether and just attach clothes pins directly to the door. That’d be fun.

Or how about using some command adhesive hooks to hang small monogrammed bags with everyone’s gear inside? Ah … organizational bliss, yes?

When all else fails, I still love a good old basket for storing just about anything. How about a lidded picnic basket to corral your winter gear?

Or you could re-purpose a canvas sweater organizer with drawers to stash your hats, mittens and scarves and put your oh-so valuable vertical closet space to good use. (Photo is just of the drawers … but you’ll see what I mean.)

If your current system is working, maybe a new set of creative labels is all you need to freshen things up.

Anyone have any more ideas???

Happy organizing!

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