Closets are one of the hardest working storage areas in the home. Often, no matter how much you declutter, it can feel like there just isn’t enough space to store everything. Here are five simple ways to maximize the storage space in your closet.

Blank wall space in closets can be put to use with hooks for jewelry, scarves, or already worn clothing.

1) Find the white space. Before you organize your closet, snap a picture. Then, look for any available white space in your closet. (It’s easier to see that white space, or little pockets of empty areas in your closet, when looking at a picture.) Once you’ve identified the white space in your closet, look for ways to fill this space with simple storage solutions.

2) Add a shelf. Is there open white space between the ceiling and the top shelf in your closet? If so, consider installing a shelf in that area. Then, use it to store out of season or special occasion items you don’t use very often.

3) Add drawers. If you have open space below your hanging items, consider adding a drawer unit to hold shoes, scarves, belts or other accessories.

4) Use hooks. Blank wall space can be put to use with hooks for jewelry, scarves, or already worn clothing.

5) Use the door. If you have a walk-in closet, the back of the door is a terrific place to add additional storage. Canvas over-the-door shoe organizers can be used for shoes as well as other small items like mittens, gloves, hats, or other small accessories.

These ideas are relatively inexpensive to implement and can greatly improve the function of your closet, making it easier and faster to get dressed and out the door.

Do you have other ways of stretching the storage space in your closet? Please share your thoughts below.

Happy space stretching!


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