Alissa WilliamsHooray, we have another new contributor! Today I’m super excited to introduce you to Alissa Williams, who has been a part of the simplify 101 community for as long as I can remember. Alissa first found simplify 101 because she is an avid scrapbooker who also loves organizing ideas. She has gone on to take every single simplify 101 online class except one. What’s more, Alissa and I have had the chance to work together one on one, which was really fun. Alissa is also an avid reader, and will be sharing book reviews and recommendations on the simplify 101 site. I’m so excited to have her on board, and invite you to extend a warm welcome to Alissa! 

What topic will you be blogging about at simplify 101 and why is that topic important to you?

I’ll be blogging about books related to the topics Aby covers in her classes such as organizing, time management, and perfectionism. I’ve always been an avid reader and I’m also a full time librarian so spreading the word about books and reading is my calling in life.

How do you spend your time when you’re not blogging?

I work full time, chase after my two girlies, ages 4 & 2, read and scrapbook. I’ve also recently started working out regularly and hope to run my first 5K this year. And sometimes on a random Saturday afternoon I organize a closet!

What areas of your life have you simplified, and how did you do it?

I’ve tried to implement many routines and habits to make life run simply and smoothly. A good routine helps me know where to start, and to stay on top of things. You really can make a lot of progress in 15 minutes.

If you received an extra hour today, how would you spend it?

Probably scrapbook unless a good book was calling my name.

As a child were you messy, tidy, or somewhere in between?

I was actually pretty messy. And really I’m still kinda messy. I’m not big on cleaning, and clutter bothers me more than dirt.

What is your biggest challenge when it comes to being organized?

I’m a piler. I love to make piles. However I now put my piles in baskets so they’re pretty and I’ve gotten better at filing things in folders (aka vertical piles).

Tell us something on your bucket list.

I’d love to take my girls to Europe.

What’s your favorite social media and why?

I’ve really jumped on the Instagram bandwagon it’s so fun to share just a photo without a lot of words. Plus I got an iPhone in January and I’m taking so many photos with my phone.

Tell us five random fun facts about you.

  • My middle name is Galadriel – from Lord of the Rings 
  • My nickname in high school was Pickle
  • I’ve met Amy Grant three times
  • Brad Paisley once rode in my car. Before he was a big star.
  • I was Girl Scout from 4th grade through college and I just recently finished a term on the Board of Directors for my local council.

How can readers keep in touch with you between posts?

Please join me in welcoming Alissa! 


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Aby Garvey is a creative organizing expert and simplify 101’s founder. She has created 14 online organizing classes, which she has been teaching since 2007, helping thousands of people around the world get organized. Aby loves to help people create positive change in their lives through her online classes and organizing eBooks.

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