oh no … not another weekly challenge that has nothing to do with organizing …

You’re right. :) Once again, on the surface, this week’s challenge seems to have nothing to do with organizing … and yet … upon closer inspection … this little gem can be a nice addition to your workspace … making you more productive and more organized.

So … here she is …


OK … so it’s a picture of my tile top table sitting in my back yard. Not where I use it … but the lighting was better. A table of this sort is handy in a workspace or creative space for many things … it gives you an extra surface for things like files or project tools or beverages you don’t want spilling on your important work or scrapbook pages, to name a few examples. My perfect workspace is L-shaped. My current (imperfect) workspace is … well, I guess it’s a lower case “l” … it’s missing the handy surfaces on either side of me. To compensate for these missing work-surfaces … I use a portable little table. (BTW … the table I use in my office is wooden (and not really all that fun.) The tile table above is used as an end table in my family room … maybe I need to make a new tile top table that’s more fun for my office … hmmm …)

Making a tile top table is a whole lot of fun in and of itself … and a lot of work … which is good because I’m going out of town for a few days so this will keep you busy while I’m gone. ;)

All I did for this table was 1) buy an existing table from Old Time Pottery and remove the top that came with it. I have two of these tables … on one of them, I was able to remove the original tile and use the existing board to adhere my tiles to. On the other table, the whole table top had to be removed, so my dear hubby cut a board to fit … and I tiled over that.

2) Find tile … my best friend and I did this project together almost three years ago … I’m not sure where we found the tile but it was via the Internet. Do your research. You can find really good deals on tile on-line versus some of the chain craft stores. (And great selection too … it becomes quite addictive to look at tile … I’ll warn you.)

3) Adhere the tile to the table, let dry and grout! A word of advice on the grout … wipe it off the tiles before it dries … I kind-of didn’t do such a good job on this and now my tiles are a bit white in the grooves … oh well.

I hope you have fun with this one … even if you don’t want it in your office or studio … these little tables make great end tables, too.

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