I love clipboards. In my office … at this very minute … there are at least four. I also hang one in my pantry to quickly capture items we need from the grocery store. Then, I take my clipboard to the grocery store when I shop. (Here’s a hint … if you want to look organized … take a clipboard to the grocery store.) I have yet another clipboard in my car for keeping track of mileage and dry cleaning coupons. Needless to say … clipboards are this girl’s best friend. (OK … that’s taking it just a notch too far … but I do love the utility and practicality of the clipboard.)

But there’s just one problem. The clipboard, function aside, isn’t so much fun. I mean, the standard issue clipboard is brown … how fun is that? (And remember, this blog is all about having fun getting things done, right?)

So … here’s the solution. What do you think?

Clipboard project

This is just a regular brown clipboard embellished just a bit. I made this one for a designer show house I’m helping out with … so it’s a bit more subdued in color than if I were doing it for myself … but I think the French paper looks pretty cool and will work great in the French country kitchen the designer is doing for the house.

So … wanna make one? Here’s how. Start with a piece of patterned card-stock slightly larger in all directions than your clipboard. Next, using a piece of scrap paper, create a template for the notch by the clip. Trace this onto the patterned paper and then, cut out the notch.  Apply a thin layer of decoupage onto the clipboard and position the card-stock into place. Let dry and then sand the card-stock edges using a foam sanding block. Next, apply a second coat of decoupage, this time on top of the card-stock. Let dry, and embellish with ribbons and a pen.

Have fun … and if you make one, send me a picture!

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