Here we are in our new home with a familiar friend: Finish It Friday. My head is spinning with to-dos that need to get done this weekend…and I’m feeling like there’s more that I want to do than I can possibly get done in a 2 day weekend. So it’s time to do a brain dump, prioritize the list, and share it with all of you.

A bit of background…

If you’re new to this simplify 101 and the creative organizing blog, here’s a little bit of background about Finish It Friday. The original idea was to decide to finish up a lingering project over the weekend…something that has been hanging out on your to-do list for longer than is comfortable. Over time this evolved into sharing our “fun” and “done” lists: stuff we’re doing for fun over the weekend, as well as all those less-than-fun things that simply must get done.

The end result of participating in Finish It Friday is an added dose of motivation to have fun and get some stuff done over the weekend. If you’ve never played along before, you’re invited to do so today. If you joined the 13 in 13 challenge, Finish It Friday is a terrific way to make sure you’re making regular progress on your goals. So I hope you’ll all join in the fun! 

A little change to Finish It Friday…

There is one little change I’m going to make to Finish It Friday now that we’re in our new home. Since the new blog allows for  replies to specific comments…I’m not going to do a Monday check-in post. Instead, we can all share our updates in the comments of the Friday post. Mondays are really crazy around here, so this change will simplify Mondays, which will increase the likelihood that Finish It Friday hangs around a bit longer. Sound good?

13 goals in 2013 update…

Before I share my weekend to-do list, here’s a quick 13 in 13 update. My January goal to read The Happiness Project is complete. I finished it earlier in the week, and I have to say I really enjoyed it. I found it very thought-provoking and it was the perfect kick-off for my “happy” year. I didn’t really realize it, but by making happy my theme for 2013, I unknowingly embarked on my own little happiness project. (I must say, I’m pretty happy about that. :) ) So goal #2 is done. Goal #1, to run 500 miles, is right on track. Hooray!

This means I’m ready to announce my February goal—goal #3—which is to do Project Life in 2013. I’ve been taking photos and collecting all the necessary bits since January 1…and I’m ready to officially commit. I’ll share more about this goal, it’s meaning to me, as well as how I’m going to get organized for this (really) big project in upcoming blog posts. So stay tuned. 

checklist simplify 101Alright, it’s time to share my weekend to-do list:


  • Basketball game
  • Boot camp (maybe – depends on time of basketball game.)
  • Run 7 miles
  • Visit a friend
  • Wine night
  • Project Life – select, edit and print first batch of photos
  • Dinner with Jay’s family


  • Target run
  • Laundry
  • Work on a simplify 101 project: 2 hours
  • Paperwork: 30 minutes
  • Plan meals and grocery shop 
  • Schedule dentist appointment

Whew – see why I needed a Finish It Friday? Lots to do, but I’m happy to see there’s lots of fun stuff on the list. (Hooray for fun stuff!) What’s on your to-do list this weekend? I’d love to hear in the comments. And I hope you have a terrific weekend! By the way, if you do participate in Finish It Friday, remember to check in right here in the comments by replying to your own comment. :)

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