It’s time for Finish It Friday! If you’ve been sitting on the sidelines, today is a terrific week to jump in and share your weekend to-do list in the comments. When you do, you’ll have more fun and get more done. Here’s my list:

checklist simplify 101Fun

  • Mud Mountain 5K Race. Doesn’t that sound fun? ;) I’m partially excited and partially terrified. How big is that muddy mountain anyway? I’ll let you know on Monday. :) Check! Okay, so the course was tough, just as people had warned me. There wasn’t just one “mountain” but several. And it was dry the day of the race, so no mud, which was not a disappointment. The course is the one that my daughter runs on for cross country meets (though they don’t run the entire thing) but it gave me a great appreciation for how hard cross country is! The weather was fabulous, and though I went a bit slower than I had wanted to, I had a lot of fun, and came in 4th in my age group. So, all in all, it was a success. :)  
  • Make dryer balls. Check! 
  • Get together with Jay’s family. Nope. This get together got cancelled, but I did go out to eat with my family on Saturday night. 
  • Bike ride. Check! Yes, it’s an add-on. But wow, the weather here was simply gorgeous – the perfect day to take advantage of the great bike trails in our town. Will definitely be doing more of that very soon!


  • Laundry. Check!
  • Meal plan + grocery shop. Check!
  • Measure for new blinds. Check!
  • Research new blinds. And hopefully order them…if I find what I want. Check – but not ordered. I need to find a place that will send samples. 
  • Finish painting chairs. I am getting close. The weather cooled down quite a bit this week (hooray!) so I’ve painted a couple of evenings after work. Almost done. Hoping the weather will cooperate and I can finish this up this weekend. Check (I think.) I need to do a final inspection to see if they are painted well enough to be called done. I hope so…I’m kind of over this project.   
  • Purchase rubber feet for chairs. Check!
  • List items on Craigslist and our local Facebook shop and swap group. Collin outgrew his little blue desk. So…up for sale it will go. I also have a flute to sell,. And I’m just might look for some other things that are ready for a new home. Check! The little blue desk sold in about 12 hours. Love that! I always drag my feet when selling things…and then, when it’s easy like that, I wonder why. Why all the mental gymnastics in my head? 
It was a great weekend! Hope yours was, too! Thanks for joining me for Finish It Friday. See you back here this week for another round of fun and done. :)
So that’s the plan. The month is nearly over so I’m ready to mark a few more things off my “refresh the home” list. :)  
What’s on your to-do list this weekend? Thanks for sharing. Have a terrific weekend!
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