It’s time for our second Thankful Thursday, Days 9 through 15 of the 30 days of gratitude! This means, we are half way there, which is hard to believe. Let’s get to it.

Day 9: Holidays

I’m grateful for holidays and how they cause us to temporarily slow down and spend time with friends and family. They give us cause to decorate, eat, and celebrate.

pumpkin candle holder

Day 10: Kindness

I’m grateful for simple and random acts of kindness, like a simple glass jar of flowers picked from the garden and placed on my desk…just because.

jar of flowers

Day 11: Friendship

I’m grateful for friends, near and far. I’m grateful for the friendships I have renewed and strengthened this year as a result of social media and how my friends supported me through some sad and longful days.

Facebook Friends

Day 12: Music

I’m grateful for music and its power to uplift and motivate me, especially when I run.

iPod Music

Day 13: Time

Time is the currency of our lives. It is the greatest gift of all. This photo captures two slices of time. The photograph is of my two grandmas, my mom’s dad, my mom and dad, my aunt and two uncles…oh so long ago. The green bracelet is one my dad’s friends made for him to show support in his fight against cancer. This vignette sits on my dresser and reminds me that time is indeed a precious gift, not to be taken for granted. I am grateful for the gift of time.

old family photo

Day 14: Creativity

I’m grateful for all of my creative outlets, especially knitting this time of year.

knitting needles and yarn

Day 15: Family

I’m grateful for the family I grew up in and everything I learned from them about life, people and most of all love.

Family Photo

What are you grateful for today?

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