What It Is

This week’s storage solution of the week is an empty, plastic, videotape box repurposed for storing keys and sunglasses.

Where I Got It

I got a whole box of these from a video & film production company. Since vhs and beta formats are no longer used, they were happy to give me as many of these as I wanted. (Actually, I think they wished I would have taken more!)

Why I Love It

They are a ready-made storage box in the ideal size for keys, sunglasses or cell phones. Plus, since most have a clear plastic sheath around them, they are easy to convert into frames for art or photos!

Vhs wall storage

When we asked people on Facebook what they spend the most time looking for, keys, sunglasses and cell phones were the most common answers given. So when I ran across this pin, I instantly thought of using these as sort of a drop box near the door for those small, easily misplaced items.

As luck would have it, we’d recently (finally) gotten rid of the last of our videotapes. Had the production company not panned out, I am sure I could have gotten cases easily at just about any thrift shop. The cases I used are from beta tapes, which are just a bit smaller than VHS, but the concept is the same.

Box of vhs boxes

I picked out 3 boxes of the same size and color, and made sure they were all in good shape. If you decide to give these a try, make sure your glasses and keys fit in the box first! I found that my every day sunglasses just fit, but the pair that I wear while running is too large. Next, I chose some of my kiddos’ recent artwork and cut them down to size as needed.

  Vhs box artwork

I put a hook for keys inside the box. These hooks came with a double-sided adhesive strip that’s easy to use and holds tight, but 3M’s Command Hooks would work great, too. I used Command Strips on the back of the box to mount them to the wall. In the original pin they used screws, but I wanted a less permanent/wall-damaging way to hang them. I used the Command Strips for hanging frames. They are super simple to use and work great!

Vhs box hook

I hung my frame boxes just inside the door to our garage. This is the door we typically use to enter and exit the house, but there is no place here for a small table or even a shelf. The boxes give us the perfect place to park our keys and glasses, plus they perk up that corner of the hall.

Vhs boxes hallway

It’s so easy to slip art in and out of the sleeves, so updating with new art will be a snap. At some point, I’d like to use these to display family photos, vacation/landscape photos, seasonal subway art, or possibly even some cool, graphic scrapbook paper.

Now, if we can just get into the habit of putting our keys and glasses here!

Happy Organizing,



P.S. Today is February 1st! If you have not yet done so, you may download your monthly “get organized” checklist here!

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