As I wrote about in an earlier quick tip, the New Year got off to a sluggish start around here. The reason? Wintery weather and school closings made it impossible to create momentum and get into a productive routine. I don’t know about you, but I’d love a do-over—a way to start the New Year again.

If you’re ready for a do-over, too, then you’ll love this little fun fact: Today is the Chinese New Year’s Eve. It is traditional on this day for Chinese families to thoroughly clean their homes. The idea is to sweep away ill-fortune, sending it out with the old year, creating room for incoming good luck. (Sounds good to me!)

welcome mat

So today, let’s take advantage of this Chinese tradition and create our own New Year do-over. Take a few minutes today to clean up, clear out and create space for good things to come. If you have housework on your to-do list, picture yourself sweeping away what’s holding you back…limiting beliefs, negative self-talk, ill-fortune, or anything else that has you feeling stuck and lacking momentum. Let go of an unwanted or unloved item (or a bagful, if you’re really in need of a do-over!) and celebrate the space you create in the process. Look at that space as fertile breeding ground for the positive things you want to create in your life. Ahh…I feel some momentum coming on!

What do you want to sweep away today? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments! 


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