Organizing Memorabilia: Storage Solution of the Week

posted by Aby Garvey on February 8, 2012 21 Comments

What it is:  This week’s storage solution of the week is the SMASH book from K&Company.

SMASH copyright simplify101

Where I got it: I picked up mine at Michael’s. (You can also find SMASH products at

Why I love it: Well, I came across the SMASH video via this Pin and was very intrigued. This intrigue quickly turned into obsession:  I simply had to have a SMASH book. Why? While you might look at this and think “It’s just another scrapbook,” but I saw permission to create an imperfect scrapbook.

The pages are all different…which means there’s no way I could possibly expect my photos and other goodies to perfectly match the background. How freeing! Plus, I love the little loop for the pen, which also happens to include glue stick on the other end, which makes the act of smashing a portable, in-front-of-the-T.V. kind of proposition.

Best of all, the SMASH book allows you to transform this…

Memorabilia sack copyright simplify101
(a little bag full of travel memorabilia)

or this…

Memorabilia jar copyright simplify101
(a glass jar full of random goodies you’ve collected over the years)

into this…

SMASH book copyright simplify101

(a perfectly imperfect SMASH book page.)

What’s not to love, right? The SMASH line also includes jumbo rubber bands (so that after you smash in all your goodies, you can still keep your book closed), stickers, little envelopes, small notebooks, SMASH tape and more—everything you need for a smashing good time. So if you’re looking for a new way to organize and store some of your memorabilia, give SMASH a look.

Have you seen or used any of the SMASH products yet? What do you think? 

Happy Smashing!


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  • February 8, 2012 at 3:19 pm

    Aby, I’m not a scrapbooker (heck, not even a wannabe) but your post and that video make me want a SMASH book very badly. The whole concept and the product + accessories are so appealing! Something tells me I’m going to find myself in a Michaels checking them out soon!
    One question: is the bucket your SMASH supplies are in made of metal or rubber? And where did you get it? (I have a guess.)

    • February 8, 2012 at 7:27 pm

      I totally love the idea of Smashbooks. I saw that same video and said to myself i have to have to get one of those. I haven’t been to the store yet where they have them but I hopefully will be in one soon

      • February 8, 2012 at 8:07 pm

        It might just be me – but why not take a photo of the stuff and just get rid of it? Then again, I’m the type to not save anything…….

        September 23, 2013 at 2:24 pm

        I do the same thing. I recently got a new scanner to scan in a bunch of old cards and ticket stubs…it’s wonderful!

        • February 8, 2012 at 9:01 pm

          I found these in AC Moore & LOVED it from the get go. I bought one for my niece for Christmas & then one for my daughter for her 16th birthday. I’m thinking I’ll have to go get me one. Although I’m working on an art journal made from a composition book.
          I am a scrapbooker (was) and I love collecting memorabilia from experiences to remember it by. Pictures can only tell you so much, especially if you don’t tell the story with them. So many memories lost for the next generation when the words aren’t there… sad. Anyways… My daughter is LOVING her book. She’s added her cards from her birthday to it & a month pocket for February.
          I hope you have fun with yours. :-)

          • February 9, 2012 at 6:59 am

            I had exactly your reaction: quick and simple not so matchy-matchy scrapbooking. I bought a lot of the products on Simon Says Stamp, and then put everything in a little tote. I went through my scrapbooking supplies and took out the things that could fit in the book, such as a few stamps and some journaling ‘stuff’. Finally, I took out a lot of my memorabilia. I was ready to go! How fun :) Keeps my hands busy in front of the TV too!!

            • February 9, 2012 at 8:51 am

              Too funny – I have had my book for months and just opened it yesterday! When I work and scrap at home I use my dad’s old desk. I never wanted to throw his stuff away, so I just started smashing it. Old matchbooks, coupons from our store, pictures of the store, newsletters, blank receipts. Its really cool and no pressure. I love it!

              • February 9, 2012 at 9:29 am

                I love, love, love the Smash Book. I have one but I was waiting to use it until I have the “perfect” theme. Hello?! Totally not the point. I started writing in it recently by just keeping quotes in it. More to come as I start to get comfy with the imperfection. I’m PSYCHED that they have finally become available in the local craft store and you don’t have to order every little accessory now. I’m saving my pocket change for some of the fun accessories now.

                • February 10, 2012 at 8:17 am

                  Hhhhmmmmm…. Mom just got out of the hospital and it gave we children and grandchildren the opportunity to un-hoard for her. She is happy about the results, but is falling back into old habits. This might help fulfill a need in her, yet allow her to throw the remainder of a magazine into recycle or to the Senior Center for others to get inspiration. She is in an art class there and it is a good reason to forward the old mags. You have inspired a much needed solution. Thank you!

                  • February 10, 2012 at 10:02 am

                    Thanks everyone for your comments!
                    @Janine Adams, I got the bucket at Target. (I’m guessing that’s what you were guessing. LOL.)
                    @Peggy, I bet you’ll love it even more when you get your hands on one! I really think this is a super fun product. :)
                    @organizewithe, For me taking a photo of memorabilia isn’t nearly as fun. Certainly a good solution for someone who doesn’t like to keep stuff…but I love touching and holding in my hands little bits from trips, and other memorable events. As I like to say though, organizing isn’t a one-size-fits-all proposition.
                    @Tracie, I got one for my daughter, too, and think these books would make such a great birthday gift for her friends. (Am I just looking for an excuse to buy more?) ;)
                    @Stephanie, Love the tote idea!!
                    @Lisa, What a great idea for all the things that were in your dad’s desk. Love that!
                    @Alissa H., Loved your comment about finding the perfect theme. I got stuck there briefly, too, but then decided on two themes for mine. (And I bet I’ll get more.) :)
                    @Pamela, So glad you think this will work for your Mom!!
                    Thanks everyone for sharing my SHASH book enthusiasm.

                    • May 22, 2012 at 8:41 pm

                      I have been reading this blog for a while now and I haven’t posted on anything until now. My friend had recently bought me one and I love it. I have no idea how or what to put in it but I am slowly learning. I have been wanting to scrapbook for a while now but didn’t know where to start. This gives me a start on how to get started. Love my book.

                      • June 21, 2012 at 8:44 am

                        thanks for this post! i thought i was ahead of the game in that we started our smashbook a few weeks ago – and I see it’s a post from February haha. Very good links though. Thanks!

                        • June 21, 2012 at 1:29 pm

                          Thanks Sarai and Claudia for your comments.
                          ~ Aby

                          • June 5, 2013 at 12:31 pm

                            LOVE the video!!! I’m so inspired! We’re planning a trip to Chicago in July to look at colleges for our daughter and explore the city. I must get a smashbook before we go. I may be able to complete a scrapbook of our trip before we even get home. Did I mention that I’m excited?! Off to the store I go…

                            BTW, thanks for the inspiration! I’d never heard of smashbooks before and your video makes it look so easy.

                            June 5, 2013 at 1:19 pm

                            Thanks so much Dawn! That sounds like a great way to put the SMASH book to use. By the way, the video is from the manufacturer of the SMASH book – I loved it, too!


                            • July 29, 2013 at 10:46 am

                              Aby, I don’t know if it’s the music or the ease of using the kit, but I had to have one after I saw the video, too. I’ve seen the video dozens of times now and I still enjoy it! I haven’t started the album yet because I, too, am struggling with how to start, although I would say to one of my clients, “Just start!”

                              The freedom to just smash stuff in is liberating, but I still love just looking at the pages and the accessories. The kit is sitting on the dining room table, along with a bag of stuff to put in it. I commit to getting started this week.

                              July 31, 2013 at 8:19 am

                              I know, that video is something else. Really makes you want to run out and start Smashing anything and everything. Good for you for committing to starting this week! Let us know how it goes. :)

                              • July 29, 2013 at 3:34 pm

                                SMASH books are so fun. Close to My Heart scrapbooking is coming out with a similar product August 1 called MY Crush. Check them out at my website at

                                • July 31, 2013 at 1:55 pm

                                  Nice marketing idea and I’m always up for new products. However, it is kind of the old way of scrapbooking. My mother did this for years. Gather all the stuff from a trip with the photos and put it in a book. She died in her 50′s and I’m so happy she did all that work, she also raised 6 kids, got a Master’s degree, moved a minimum of 10 times and made sure we all went to college. I have got to get to work on my own smash books. I am doing them differently though.

                                  I am scanning everything and putting each ‘book’ on a flash drive.

                                  • January 9, 2014 at 10:18 pm

                                    After watching the video and reading the comments I need to get me a SMASH book or two. What fun!

                                    January 16, 2014 at 11:22 am

                                    Thanks, Cheryl! I think they’re great fun, too. :)