Happy Friday friends! I hope you’ve had a great week. Around here it has been a week of change. We’ve moved from the lazier days of summer to the structure and routine of the school year. So far I can say this about high school:  it starts awfully early! But things are going well.

After two days of this new routine, it’s time to shift gears and get organized for the weekend. My stepmom is coming for a visit, so my weekend plans will be filled with more fun stuff than “done” stuff. Here’s what’s on tap for me.

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  • Run. I’m a bit out of whack with my training plan this week. I developed blisters on Tuesday…and that has had me sidelined for one running day and caused for a change in plans in a cross-training day. So…I need to get in 2 runs, and one cross-training session this weekend. Keep your fingers crossed that no new blisters develop. Check! Good news: the blisters are gone and I think I’ve found some socks that will prevent more blisters from coming. Yay! 
  • Go to a bike race. We’ve never done this before, but a bike race through the streets of our town sounds too fun to pass up. Check! Lots of fun.
  • Relax + enjoy. It’s been a long time since that has shown up on my list. I’m looking forward to it. :) Check!


  • Meal plan + grocery shop. Check!
  • Laundry. As of right now, laundry is in good shape, so this won’t be too bad. Partial check! 
We also went to a few yard sales on Saturday morning, which was lots of fun. I actually found some things I needed like a fireplace screen ($5), a rolling pin ($2) and a couple of other items. The best part is the rolling pin is an old one and it’s so well made. I love finding treasures like that! So fun. :)
I hope you had a great weekend! Thanks for sharing it with me. :)
That’s all I’m going to plan for the weekend. It will be nice to have a pretty open weekend and just see what we decide to do for fun. :) What are your plans this weekend? I’d love to see your fun and done lists in the comments. Thanks for sharing!
Have a great weekend!
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