It’s Friday again! Did this week fly by for you? It sure did for me. Fast or slow, I hope you had a great one. It’s time to share our weekend to-do lists. If you’re participating in 13 in 13, the weekend is a great time to make progress on your goals. I’d love to hear what to-dos on your list are moving you closer to a goal. Thanks for sharing!

Alright…here’s what’s on tap for me:

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  • Run 4 miles. I’ve got six miles done so far this week, to hit my weekly target of 10 for Goal #1. (Goal #1) (Half-check. I ran 2 miles on Friday and “stuff” was hurting so I stopped. Didn’t want to injure myself.)
  • Boot camp. This is a maybe. If I can get my run in tonight, maybe I’ll make it to boot camp. (Nope, see above.)
  • Project Life. This weekend, it will just be documenting throughout the weekend, and downloading photos on Sunday. (Goal #3.) (Document = check. Download = will happen today.)
  • Bake some oatmeal cupcakes. I’ve been dying to try these oatmeal cupcakes for a while, and I have the “perfect” bananas for them. If I put this on my to-do list, I’ll find time to do it. ;) (This supports a goal that is still percolating….) (Check – not so yummy. Oh well.)


  • simplify 101 project. I’m working on a new workshop and its crunch time. Lots to do this weekend on this project. The good news is, it will be fun work. ;) (Big check here. Lots done, but still lots left to do.)
  • Meal plan and grocery shop. (Check!)
  • Laundry. (Check!)

Alright! That’s what’s on tap for me. How about you? Thanks for sharing your weekend plans in the comments. Remember to come back to this same post on Monday (or throughout the weekend) to post your updates. I hope you have a fun and productive weekend!

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