I was recently emailing with a scrapbooker about scraps. (You’ve done this before, too. Right?) Here was her question:

“What do you do when your scrap drawer gets out of hand (too big)? Do you throw it all away or take the (huge amount of) time to go through them?”

Going through them doesn’t sound like much fun, does it? Especially when you could be scrapbooking instead ;)

I assume the oldest scraps are on the bottom? So how about digging a bunch of the scraps out from the bottom … and either get rid of the handful right away … or decide how much time you want to give to it to go through it. Set a timer and then just dig through picking out your very favorite scraps to keep. For the rest, find a happy home. You could use them for a collage project of your own, or give them to your kids for a collage project (or two or three) or you could donate your scraps to a school or daycare.

Here are a couple of projects that use scrapbook paper scraps, direct mail postcards … and the even pages from some old scrapbook products catalogs. Here’s one Kailea made during the great ice storm of 2006. It was a gift for her Daisy Troop’s Secret Sister gift exchange.

Kaileas decoupage project

And here’s how I killed time during the ice storm …

Collage box

So if you have an excess of scraps, some extra magazines or catalogs, an empty box and some decoupage … you’ve got everything you need for a fun little storage container. You could use this in your craft space for stashing supplies, in your entry way for holding keys or receipts or anything else you just don’t want to look at anymore … or … oooh! I just thought of this:  how about cutting a hole in the back of the box and running the cell phone charger cord out the back and creating a little cell phone charging station? Oh that could be fun. The possibilities … the possibilities! Have fun and if you have any other fun ideas for your scraps … I’d love to hear them!

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