How much more can we enjoy the holidays if we loosen our grip a little?

Some of my Quick Tips stick with me more than others. One that I find myself thinking about, and reminding myself to put into practice, is one I wrote many years ago. It was about loosening your grip.

In this Quick Tip I shared advice I learned while taking golf lessons. The idea was that to hit a golf ball farther, I actually needed to loosen my grip on the golf club.

This tip applies to so much more than golf which is why I think of it often. Here’s what I mean. Notice the energy that goes into clasping something very, very tightly. Pick up a pen or pencil right now, and really squeeze it. Hold on tight as if your life depends on it. Got it….

Okay. Now, let it go.

Ahh…that feels better. That was a lot of work, wasn’t it? And yet, a similar, and perhaps better outcome could have been accomplished with a lot less energy and effort. With a lot less effort you could have picked up that pencil and held it in your hand. Right?

As we head into the final stretch of the holiday season, keep this idea in mind. I invite you to give yourself permission to loosen your grip on the holiday season just a bit. This season is filled with opportunities to cling tightly—to hold on with all our might and try to create a desired outcome. We cling tightly to traditions (even ones that no longer fill our heart’s with joy), to the hope of finding the ideal gift for everyone on our list, and to the desire to create a perfect season for ourselves and our loved ones.

How much more could we enjoy the holiday season, and let its true essence into our hearts and lives, if we loosen our grip just a bit?

I invite you to try for yourself and see…

I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments. Have you been clinging tightly to something this holiday season? Are you ready to loosen your grip? Thanks for sharing. 

Happy holidays,


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