You might have noticed one of my tasks this last Finish It Friday was to finish up my video for Spawn of True Scrap. (Got it done… check!) I’m really looking forward to that event later this month, and you are invited!!  It’s going to be an amazing weekend of scrapbooking and fun, and you can do it all in your PJs from the comfort of your own home. How great is that?

You get to learn the coolest scrapbooking and stamping techniques from 17 fabulous instructors plus get recordings of all the classes and a virtual make-and-take—all for just $127! I’ll be teaching on Solutions for Small Scrapbook Spaces. But honestly, these ideas are great for all you scrappers, no matter how much space you’ve got to craft in!

Scrapbook cubes

Here’s a tiny taste of what I’ll be talking about in my class…

1) I’ll share a new approach to help you pare down your scrapbooking supplies to those you use, love and have space for!


2) Then, you’ll find out all sorts of solutions to those organizing challenges you shared with me in this blog post…like what to do if you scrapbook in a temporary space and need to pick up and put everything away between scrapping sessions.

Scrapbook paper

3) Finally, I’ll share ideas on how to find hidden pockets of space to store your scrapbooking supplies and how to stretch the space you already have.

Sound fun? If you’re hungry for more great ideas, suggestion, and techniques for all things scrapbooking, then I’ll see you at Spawn of True Scrap! This fabulous, three-day online event will happen October 20-22 LIVE from your computer. It’s not too late to register…grab your spot here!