Hello friends! Happy Friday to you. I hope you had a terrific week. Are you ready to shift gears and start thinking about the weekend? I am. It’s been a good week but I’m looking forward to the weekend ahead. Here’s what’s on tap for me:

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  • 5K race. It’s my first race for 2013 and I’m really looking forward to it! Check! What a great morning for a run – it was cool…no wind…perfect. And I ran my best time ever! My goal was to finish in under 30 minutes…and I finished right around 28 minutes, 10 seconds. 
  • Sectionals track meet. Check! What a tough afternoon for running. (Same day…totally different wind conditions! Those poor kids!) Anyway…it was fun, but quite chilly and exhausting. But really happy that Collin was able to participate. 
  • Mother’s Day get-together. Check!
  • Do something relaxing. Check! Hello nap after Saturday’s race and track meet. I was seriously exhausted. Perfect conditions for a nap. :)


  • Project Life. Edit and print. Check! By no means am I caught up. But there was one week (week 13 where I took sooooo many pictures that deciding what to print and then editing the photos was quite overwhelming.) But I’m happy to say photos are printed and in my hands. Now for the fun part! 
  • Laundry. Check! 
  • Meal plan + grocery shop. Check! 
  • Pick one thing from my to-do list and get it done. I’m going to let inspiration be my guide. Between the race and the track meet, Saturday feels pretty full already. And Sunday is Mother’s Day…so there isn’t too much extra time on Sunday either. So, we’ll see what feels inspiring to do…maybe the garden, maybe something else. I’ll let you know on Monday. Check! I bought plants for the garden and finished one particularly not fun business task. So happy to start Monday morning with that one done! :)
So the weekend is a wrap! Onto the week ahead. I hope you have a fabulous week. Thanks for joining me for Finish It Friday! See you back here on Friday this week. :)

What’s on your Fun and Done list this weekend? Hope you have a great one. Happy Mother’s Day to you if you’re a Mom. Take some time this weekend to put up your feet and relax. 

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